TARDIS 3.5.1


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    May 8, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


TARDIS v3.5.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the wrong chunk loading when the TARDIS materialises
  • Fixed a bug with using TARDIS items when the off hand contains a usable item (like a shield)
  • Fixed a nasty bug with HADS - DISPERSAL was running when the HADS type was set to DISPLACEMENT and a safe location wasn't found on the first try - this left the plugin thinking that the TARDIS was permanently in dispersed mode. See how to fix this below...


  • Added a /tardisadmin assemble [all|player] command to unset the dispersed trackers for all dispersed TARDISes, or a specific player TARDIS



  • Added new 1.9 additions to condensable items
  • Added support for MultiInv and PerWorldInventory plugins
  • You can now use telepathic /tardistravel commands
  • Made the maximum travel distance configurable
    • plugin will use the maximum travel distance or the world border distance whichever is smaller
    • travel.max_distance: [distance in blocks]
    • default is 29999983
    • the usual world border checks will still be run when checking the TARDIS' destination
  • Added new / missing Chameleon blocks to blocks.yml
  • Added the make_her_blue command to the /tardisbind cmd [command] command
  • Add a handbrake switch to the Sonic Prefs menu
    • Useful for engaging the handbrake after a Time lord has died and may have respawned outside the TARDIS
    • You can only engage the handbrake, not disengage it
    • You cannot engage the handbrake if the TARDIS is travelling
  • Added the Twelfth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver


  • Made the default Police Box lamp REDSTONE_LAMP_OFF
  • The Time Lord of the TARDIS must be online to use telepathic commands
  • The plugin now uses BARRIER blocks for under door and platform blocks
  • Signs are now part of the Sonic Screwdriver (un)interactables list
  • The TARDIS can no longer be moved while it is dispersed
  • The TARDIS will no longer autonomously return home while it is dispersed

Bug fixes

  • Prevented double message for some TARDIS item interactions
  • Fixed adding the Telepathic Circuit for the first time
  • Fixed an error when removing players from the Companions GUI
  • Fixed sticky pistons being able to retract TARDIS under-beacon blocks
  • Fixed not being able to set a recharger surrounded by End rods
  • Fixed the vanilla Minecraft world border check
  • Fixed HADS numbers going negative when the TARDIS is dispersed
  • Fixed carpet dropping when the TARDIS is dispersed
  • Fixed being able to break TARDIS blocks if player has tardis.sonic.admin permission
  • Fixed the config option siege.butcher not working
  • Fixed a bug causing the door to drop when leaving the TARDIS 'home' location

Related stuff

TARDIS v3.5-beta-1


  • Updated for CraftBukkit / Spigot 1.9

    • Added new blocks
    • Added new Purpur chameleon preset
    • Used new Villager API additions
    • Used new Particle API
    • Used new BossBar API
    • Updated biomes and sounds
  • Added world name tab completion to /tardisadmin and /tardistravel commands

  • Added a Companion GUI for the /tardis list companions and /tardis add commands
  • Added a /tardisprefs policebox_textures [on|off] command - setting this to off stops the plugin changing the biome (for MCPatcher texture support) when the Police Box materialises
  • Implemented the Hostile Action Dispersal System

    • toggle it with the /tardisprefs hads_type [DISPLACEMENT|DISPERSAL] command (or use the sonic preferences menu)
    • to rebuild you must stand in the centre of the dispersed TARDIS (carpet) and right-click-air with the sonic screwdriver
  • Added the TARDIS Telepathic Circuit

    • /tardisrecipe telepathic
    • /tardisprefs telepathy [on|off] (or use the sonic preferences menu)
    • /tardis update telepathic
    • Allows a companion to run any /tardis command for the TARDIS that they are in
  • Added all door types to standard sonic function
  • Added Junk mode to regular TARDISes
    • /tardisprefs junk [on|off] (or use the sonic preferences menu)
    • You can only travel to saved locations while in Junk mode


  • Carpet is no longer allowed in custom Chameleon presets
  • Updated some dependent plugin versions - make sure you have the latest 1.9 versions
  • The plugin now uses the new BossBar API instead of the BarAPI plugin for the TARDIS travel bar
  • The plugin now uses the new Particle API for Artron Furnace and Junk TARDIS particle effects instead of the EffectLib plugin
  • The plugin now checks that Multiverse-Inventories is the correct build (as well as version)
  • You can now set a limit for the number of mobs that can randomly enter the TARDIS
    • preferences.spawn_limit: [max number of monsters]
  • The TARDIS will now throw a malfunction if no destination is found or the player is denied travel
  • The plugin now checks a player is in their own TARDIS when using the /tardis upgrade command
  • Protection is now removed from inner TARDIS blocks broken in CREATIVE gamemode
  • Allow the desktop theme change if TARDIS Artron level is greater than or equal to (not just greater than) the Artron upgrade cost

Bug fixes

  • Fixed players' Police Box lamp preference not taking effect
  • Fixed a possible NPE in the Zero room chat listener
  • Fixed Junk TARDIS creation
  • Fixed an issue with the Junk TARDIS not deleting
  • Fixed getting the wrong world for deleting the vortex Junk TARDIS
  • Fixed Junk TARDIS particle direction
  • Fixed player permission checks when upgrading the TARDIS console
  • Fixed not all console types being available when upgrading
  • Fixed using the correct wall/floor type when doing the upgrade check
  • Fixed /tardisbook usage (in help)
  • Fixed ANDESITE, DIORITE and GRANITE in seed blocks
  • Fixed the error message when adding a room and the file name is wrong
  • Fixed a prefix mixup when updating the SQLite database
  • Fixed getting the Factions plugin version when it contains 'Beta'
  • Fixed recipes with Potions in them
  • Fixed /ttravel area tab completion

For CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.9 or higher, no longer compatible with prior versions, and it will disable itself if a lower version is used! ALWAYS run BuildTools to get the latest server JARs before installing/updating TARDIS!

You need to update TARDISChunkGenerator to version 2.2 or higher (included in ZIP file)