TARDIS v3.4-beta-2


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    Sep 26, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1



ALWAYS run BuildTools to get the latest server JARs before installing/updating TARDIS!

Do not bother posting comments / tickets if you are not running the appropriate server and plugin versions - they will be deleted immediately!

TARDIS 3.4-beta-2


  • Added a /tardisjunk time command to see how much time is left before the Junk TARDIS automatically returns home


  • The plugin now loads chunks before returning the Junk TARDIS
  • The plugin now loads chunks before teleporting player to the Vortex Junk TARDIS
  • The handbrake lever now toggles when travelling in Junk TARDIS
  • The Resdtone Torch now flashes when flying the Junk TARDIS
  • If the Junk TARDIS destination sign is blank, then clicking the handbrake lever now returns the console to the 'home' location (if away)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where EffectLib needed to be installed even if particle effects were disabled
  • Fixed lamp scanning using the /tardis lamps command after upgrading to a larger console size
  • Fixed lava flowing over rooms below the console after upgrading from MASTER console
  • Fixed the upgrade block scanner bugging out when upgrading to the REDSTONE console
  • Fixed redstone torches popping off when upgrading to the MASTER's console
  • Fixed permissions for the /tardisjunk find command
  • Fixed the Junk TARDIS return check logic
  • Fixed the /tardisadmin delete junk and /tardisadmin purge junk commands not working for the Junk TARDIS
  • Fixed a NulPointerException when checking if a block is an Artron Furnace

TARDIS 3.4-beta-1


  • Added a Junk TARDIS
    • The Junk TARDIS is a public use TARDIS that any player with the correct permission can use on the server. It only travels in overworlds (no Nether or The End) and doesn't require the player to have an Artron Energy supply
    • Video here: https://vimeo.com/139185257
    • permissions: tardis.admin to create, delete and return the Junk TARDIS - tardis.junk to fly and find the Junk TARDIS
    • commands: /tardisjunk create - target the centre block of a flat 6 x 6 area - this becomes the Junk TARDIS 'home' location
    • /tardisjunk delete - self explanatory
    • /tardisjunk return - returns the Junk TARDIS to its 'home' location (bringing along any players who may be onboard)
    • /tardisjunk find - find the current location of the Junk TARDIS
    • config options: junk.enabled: [true|false] - whether the Junk TARDIS is available on the server - NOTE:The Junk TARDIS will be disabled if creation.default_world is false
    • junk.particles: [true|false] - whether the Junk TARDIS displays a particle effect when travelling - requires EffectLib 3.4 or higher
    • junk.return: [time in seconds] - if [time in seconds] is greater than 0 and the Junk TARDIS has not been used for longer than the specified period, it will automatically return to its 'home' location
    • controls: sign - shows the travel destination, handbrake - starts the TARDIS travelling, tripwire hook - selects the world to travel to, stone button - sets the x coordinate, wood button - sets the z coordinate, repeater - determines the amount added or subtracted from the x and z coordinates when the buttons are clicked, comparator - sets whether the buttons add or subtract
    • players moving off the Junk TARDIS while it is travelling are killed instantly
    • update the TARDIS-Sounds resource pack for the new sfx
  • You can now give a full Artron Storage Cell with /tardisgive [player] cell [amount] full
  • Added The Master's TARDIS
    • courtesy of macdja38 at http://pvpcraft.ca
    • seed block is nether brick
    • permission is tardis.master
  • Added a Pyramid TARDIS console
    • many thanks to Airomis for the design
    • seed block is sandstone stairs
    • permission is tardis.pyramid
  • Added a particle effect to Artron Furnaces - requires EffectLib 3.4 or higher
  • Added an Ignite Circuit to the Sonic Screwdriver
    • view the recipe with /tardisrecipe ignite-circuit
    • permission: tardis.sonic.ignite
    • don't forget to move the new map file into its correct location!
    • flammable blocks need to be clicked on the side
    • a flint & steel is actually more useful / powerful in-game
  • Added a Chameleon preset construction GUI
    • update the TARDIS-MCP resource pack for the new textures
    • accessed via the third page of the Chameleon presets GUI
    • help & information on use is built into the GUI
    • all text can be translated using the plugins/TARDIS/language/chameleon_guis.yml file
    • if allow.all_blocks is false, precious blocks cannot be used in the GUI
  • Added a few more interactable blocks for the environment sonic to ignore
  • Added a /tardis update beacon command
  • Added a config option to disable random spawning in TARDIS if door is open - preferences.spawn_random_monsters: [true|false] - or use the admin command /tardisadmin spawn_random_monsters [true|false]
  • Added more checks and warnings for missing custom console upgrade entries
  • Added a getOverWorlds() method to TARDIS API
  • Added a player configurable choice of (2) blocks that are changed during siege mode engagement (only applies if siege.textures is true in the config)
  • Added config options to limit desktop upgrades by counting the percentage of blocks that have changed from the original schematic
    • must be enabled in the config - desktop.check_blocks_before_upgrade: [true|false] and desktop.block_change_percent: [max percent changed blocks allowed]
    • Defaults are false and 25


  • The plugin no longer lists items if the add-on plugin isn't enabled
  • Added a check for malformed plugin versions when checking plugin dependencies
  • The allowable lamps list (lamp_blocks in blocks.yml) now requires Bukkit Material names rather than IDs
    • existing IDs will be automatically updated
  • The plugin now allows all door types for minecart entry
  • The beacon toggler block (used when powering up & down) is now a redstone block
    • adds the ability to trigger redstone contraptions when the TARDIS is powered down
  • The space between TARDISes parked in TARDIS areas is now configurable
    • default distance can be set in the config - creation.parking_distance: [distance] - or use the admin command /tardisadmin parking_distance [distance in blocks between TARDII]
    • each TARDIS area can be set to different distances - /tardisarea parking [area name] [distance]
  • The tardis.ars permission is now solely used for the ARS console - permission to use the Architectural Reconfiguration System to grow rooms now requires tardis.architectural - update your permissions!
  • If you're changing the desktop theme using the same console type you now only have to have 1/2 the upgrade cost in stored Artron Energy

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the SQLite -> MySQL database converter tool
  • Fixed the second Lazarus easter egg
  • Fixed an error in TARDIS Information System for the Painter Circuit
  • Fixed saving the location of a secondary console handbrake
  • Fixed Antigravity / Gravity Wells growing in the wrong location
  • The plugin now prevents double-clicking items to the cursor in all TARDIS GUIs
  • Fixed the beacon not turning off when powering down
  • Malfunctions now respect a player's lamps / lanterns preference
  • Fixed a bug where some language files were not copied when doing a fresh install because the plugins/TARDIS/language/ directory hadn't been created yet

Dependent plugin versions

If running any of these plugins with TARDIS they must be equal to or greater than the versions listed here:

  • BarAPI - v3.3
  • Citizens - v2.0.16
  • EffectLib - v3.4
  • Factions - v2.7.4
  • GriefPrevention - v10
  • LibsDisguises - v8.5.1
  • MultiWorld - v5.2
  • Multiverse-Adventure - v2.5
  • Multiverse-Core - v2.5
  • Multiverse-Inventories - v2.5
  • My Worlds - v1.67
  • ProtocolLib - v3.6.3
  • TARDISHelper - v1.7.3
  • TARDISWeepingAngels - v2.0.7
  • Towny - v0.89
  • WorldBorder - v1.8.1
  • WorldGuard - v6.1

For CraftBukkit 1.8.7 or higher, no longer compatible with prior versions, and it will disable itself if a lower version is used! ALWAYS run BuildTools to get the latest server JARs before installing/updating TARDIS!

You need to update TARDISHelper to version 1.7.3 or higher (included in ZIP file)