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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2



There are some breaking changes - please read everything carefully!


  • Added the ability to prevent piston harvesting of TARDIS Police Box and other precious blocks

    enabled: [true|false]
    only_tardis_worlds: [true|false]

  • Added a cooldown to the /tardis rebuild command


  • The Vault room sorter now recognises ItemStack data values
  • Now compiled against Spigot-API in preparation for the upcoming Spigot 1.8 release
  • Updated WorldGuard dependency! If installed, TARDIS now requires WorldGuard to be v6 or higher

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if there is no rail room
  • Fixed ICE not being changed to water when growing a room
  • We're now checking to make sure it is a TARDIS JSON schematic being added to custom rooms - in case the user hasn't read the documentation
  • The whole stack of Artron Cells is transferred to the Artron capacitor, not just one
  • Fixed Grief Prevention claim checking


Requires CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-1.7.9-R0.2-24-g07d4558-b3116jnks (MC: 1.7.10) (Implementing API version 1.7.10-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)


  • Added the ability to change the TARDIS desktop theme - see: http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/desktop-theme.html
  • Added /tardis eject command to eject farmed mobs, villagers and companions - see: http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/farming.html
  • Added time rotor glass colouring, use the /tardis colourise or /tardis colorize command, then click the bottom glass block in the time rotor with a dye
  • Added a clickable chat interface for the /tardis update command (just do a /tardis update with no further arguments) - requires ProtocolLib - the command remains essentially the same otherwise
  • Updated the VAULT room to automatically sort items into the chests:
    • http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/vault.html
    • one chest is set as the drop chest
    • all other chests in the 16x16x16 chunk are set as storage chests
    • place at least 1 block/item into the storage chests
    • blocks/items placed in the drop chest will automatically be sent to
      the chest with the same block/item in it
    • add a sorter chest to existing VAULT rooms with the /tardis update vault command


  • Updated the creation help message to use Seed blocks rather than block stacks
  • Updated the Lazarus Device to support TARDISWeepingAngels v2.0.2
  • The Emergency Programme One message can now be set to the contents of the book in the player's hand (the command remains essentially the same)
  • There is now a 15 million block limit to coordinates travel
  • Saved biome disks can now be extended by combining them with a ladder

Bug fixes

  • Prevented a Lockette exploit
  • Prevented autonomous travel to TARDIS creation area
  • An incorrect world argument given to ~relative travel command is now caught instead of throwing an error

For CraftBukkit 1.7.10+, no longer compatible with prior versions, and it will disable itself if a lower version is used!

The version in the sidebar is incorrect. There are no CraftBukkit Beta/Recommend builds for 1.7.10, only dev builds. This means we can't mark the file as 1.7.10 compatible. This file will only work on CraftBukkit/Spigot/Forge 1.7.10.

If installed, TARDIS now requires WorldGuard 6!