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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2




  • Added a door lock message when using the Remote Key to lock/unlock the TARDIS
  • Custom ItemStack attributes are saved and restored when switching inventories while 'fobbing'

Bug fixes

  • Fixed door lock message when not using the 'walk in' method of entry
  • Caught a couple of errors when when players incorrectly update their console repeaters
  • Fixed the 'stone column' preset disc being uncraftable
  • Fixed a bug when removing and re-adding the ARS sign
  • Removed the CUSTOM console from the ARS GUI



  • Factions and MassiveCore dependencies updated (minimum versions required are Factions 2.5 and MassiveCore 7.3)
  • When disguising a 'fobbed' player, we now always set HideHeldItemFromSelf and ViewSelfDisguise to false (Chameleon Arch)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed LibsDisguises support not being loaded at all (Chameleon Arch, Genetic Manipulator)
  • Fixed Fireworks metadata being removed when switching inventories (Chameleon Arch)
  • Fixed an exploit that could be used to generate fob watches (Chameleon Arch)
  • Fixed losing inventories if Multiverse-Inventories or GameMode Inventories is on the server (Chameleon Arch)
  • Fixed annoying messaging when TARDIS mob farming and Multiverse-Inventories is on the server and no mobs are actually being farmed
  • Fixed an NPE in /tardis arch_time command and after using the /kill command



  • Added a /tardisnetherportal command, or /tnp for short. Use it to calculate the position to place a portal in the NETHER / OVERWORLD in order to link them. Inspired by Nether Portal Calculator v1.0 by D3Phoenix, see http://ilurker.rooms.cwal.net/portal.html

Bug fixes

  • Fixed TARDIS Remote Key recipe in easy difficulty mode
  • Fixed trying to parse a string float as an integer when determining the location of the console BEDROCK block, and also now getting the correct location for the BEDROCK block in the new schematics
  • Fixed trying to toggle the beacon on/off in the PLANK and TOM TARDISes (there isn't one)
  • Fixed a NPE in the Chameleon Arch
  • Fixed grace period count records not being created when needed
  • Fixed player difficulty settings not taking affect because of the bug above
  • Fixed a messaging bug when trying to overcharge an Artron cell
  • Fixed plugin enable and disable errors if LibsDisguises is not installed
  • Fixed the 3-d Glasses and Fob Watch recipes failing on a fresh install

TARDIS v3.0-beta-1

  • CraftBukkit 1.7.10-R0.1 recommended
  • LibsDisguises build #312 or higher required (if enabling the Genetic Manipulator and Chameleon Arch features)
  • Sound and MCP resource packs updated
  • TARDISHorseSpeed updated for CraftBukkit 1.7.10-R0.1



  • The plugin no longer uses MCEdit/WorldEdit schematics, instead, a new TARDIS JSON format is used. All the default plugin schematics will be updated automatically, but custom consoles and rooms will need to be remade. See http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/schematics.html
    • As the plugin now has a bit more control over the schematics, the CUSTOM console can now be used with ARS
  • Project Rassilon plugin support was removed, as it was reported to not work anyway
  • The Diamond Disruptor Sonic upgrade can now break snow
  • Only allow /tardis update command in player's own TARDIS

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the isomorphic preference message
  • Fixed a NPE when messaging ops if the TARDIS map files were not found
  • The plugin now properly checks player permission for creating the war TARDIS
  • Fixed the Zero room chat listener sometimes throwing an error when other plugins send empty quotes ("") in chat
  • Fixed the e-circuit in the TARDIS Information System
  • Fixed GriefPrevention support not actually loading
  • Fixed walking into TARDIS not setting 'occupied' when a player has tardis.create_world permission
  • Fixed the condenser not returning items with no Artron value

For CraftBukkit 1.7.9+, no longer compatible with prior versions, and it will disable itself if a lower version is used!

The /tardisroom add command is broken, please update to TARDIS v3.0.1