TARDIS 2.6-beta-3


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    Nov 21, 2013
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  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0



What happened to TARDIS v2.6-beta-2, you might ask? It was rejected by Bukkit for having a non-compliant update checker. Perhaps an email advising developers of the change in policy would have been nice... but never mind here's beta 3 :)

There are lots of changes in v2.6 - some of which are not compatible with previous TARDISes... please read this and the previous change log carefully


  • Added a Doctor Who 50th anniversary easter egg
  • Added the ability to add a custom preset - edit the plugins/TARDIS/custom_preset.txt file and restart the server. The file contains data for the new taller Police Box preset - you should be able to work it out from there (the sign if used, will need to be in the default location).
  • Added a new setting to the Chameleon Circuit GUI - Biome Adaption - if this is turned on, a biome related preset will be selected automatically (if there is one)
  • Added a command to remove the ARS sign to allow manual room growing in the ARS grid area /tardis arsremove - useful if your TARDIS was created before v2.6 and is not compatible with ARS (Note: adding it back after removal will potentially overwrite any manually grown rooms)
  • Added tab autocompletion for player names added to the /tardisadmin enter and /tardisadmin delete commands


  • New (larger sized console) schematics for better room growing and future ARS compatibility - many thanks to Lord_Rahl and killeratnight at mcnovus.net for the new designs
  • All schematics updated with new piston doors - they now only open if there is a room on the other side - once again thanks to Lord_Rahl and killeratnight
  • Some presets now have random attributes - for example the Party Tent and Flower change to a random colour, the Angel has different wing and head positions
  • The Chameleon Circuit GUI no longer closes when you select a preset - you need to use the 'Close' or 'Apply' button (or just hit ESC on the keyboard)
  • The SWAMP preset has changed to be more like a witches hut
  • The TARDIS 'last use' field is set upon TARDIS creation, and updated more often (not just when a Time Lord travels)
  • The random destination button now selects a random location relative to the current location of the TARDIS preset (when travelling in the same world)
  • The /tardistravel biome [biome] command now finds the closest biome relative to the current location of the TARDIS preset (and not the player's location)
  • Removed bonus_chest from config, admin commands and builder
  • Removed the update checker - plugin enabling should be quicker now anyway
  • Light grey wool blocks (usually the floor blocks) in TARDIS consoles (except the EMERALD type) are now replaced with the player's preferred floor block (like rooms already do)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed TARDIS consoles not being removed in shared worlds
  • Fixed room jettisoning being off by 1 in both x and z directions, and the grammar in the jettison message
  • Fixed a problem with controls not being set correctly with the new piston door schematics
  • Fixed TARDIS seed blocks returning a non-valid block after being broken
  • Fixed incorrect amount of blocks being added to the condenser table
  • Fixed doors, trapdoors and various other blocks popping off presets when they de/materialise
  • Fixed under door and platform blocks not being removed when the TARDIS leaves a location
  • Fixed DROPPERS getting the wrong data value when being grown in a room
  • Fixed a conflict with the JSONArray class
  • Fixed pets disappearing when the player tries to exit the TARDIS with them
  • In the ARS GUI, both (anti)gravity well slots are reset when jettisoning said rooms
  • Fixed a parse number error trying to update lastuse for players with tardis.prune.bybass perms
  • Fixed the platform and underdoor blocks being left behind if they just replaced AIR

Beta version - use at your own risk!