TARDIS 2.6-beta-1


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    Nov 4, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0



There are lots of changes - some of which are not compatible with previous TARDISes... please read carefully - videos and full documentation are coming ASAP


  • Added 3 new TARDIS consoles - ARS (see below), TOM and PLANK
    • TOM and PLANK are similar to the BAKER and WOOD rooms, but are fully fledged primary consoles
  • Added submarine mode
    • a new button in the destination terminal GUI toggles submarine mode on and off
    • when on, the TARDIS can land underwater
    • the area surrounding the Police Box is cleared of water (requires the WorldGuard plugin to be installed on the server)
  • Added a TARDIS Architectural Reconfiguration System
    • the ARS, BUDGET, STEAMPUNK, TOM, and PLANK console types now have an ARS sign, which when clicked displays the ARS GUI
    • allows players to program multiple rooms to grow (and be jettisoned)
    • all room schematics have been changed to fit this new system, and include new automatic piston doors
  • Added TARDIS seed blocks
    • Seed blocks are crafted
    • If the above is a 3x3 crafting grid, then:
    • 1 = Redstone torch
      2 = AIR
      3 = AIR
      4 = Lapis Block
      5 = Any valid Police Box Lamp block/item
      6 = Any valid TARDIS wall block
      7 = Any of the current TARDIS 'type' blocks e.g. IRON, GOLD, DIAMOND, EMERALD etc
      8 = Any valid Police Box wall block
      9 = Any valid TARDIS floor block
    • You then need to click the crafting output slot to generate the seed.
    • Right-click a placed seed block with the TARDIS key to start growing a TARDIS
    • TARDIS seed crafting
    • TARDIS seed crafting
    • There are 19,450,850 different possible seed block combinations
    • Seed blocks can be placed, broken and dropped and still remain as a valid seed block
    • This is now the default way to create a TARDIS
    • You can revert to using the old block stack method by setting use_block_stack in config.yml
  • Added Chameleon Presets
    • Presets are selected using the new Chameleon sign GUI
    • There are currently 11 presets: a NEW (taller) Police Box design, the OLD Police Box, a PARTY tent, a SWAMP hut, a JUNGLE temple, a DESERT temple, a STONE column, a VILLAGE house, a NETHER shape, a FACTORY fresh Type 40, and a YELLOW submarine
  • Added custom console slot
    • add your custom schematic to the plugins/TARDIS/schematics folder - it must be named custom.schematic
    • to enable a custom console, set custom_schematic: true in the config
    • to set the custom schematic seed block type, set custom_schematic_seed: [material] in the config - the default is OBSIDIAN
  • Added the TARDIS Information System
    • You can add this to existing TARDISes by placing a sign and using the /tardis update info command
    • Click the TIS sign to enter the chat based info system
    • type the underlined letter in the menus into chat to see more options and info
  • Added a VILLAGE room to transport Villagers into the TARDIS
  • Added the TRENZALORE room to the default rooms
  • Added compatibility with Multiverse-Adventure world resetting
  • Added a command to abort room growing /tardis abort [task ID]
  • Allow players with tardis.create_world permission to have a TARDIS in their own world when default_world is true
    1. set create_worlds: false
    2. set create_worlds_with_perms: true
    3. set up default world as usual
    4. give players permission tardis.create_world
  • Added a config option to set the speed that rooms are grown at - room_speed: [a number between 1 & 20] - the bigeer the number the faster the room grows
  • Added a button in the save sign GUI to switch to TARDIS areas
  • Added a check to make sure the right versions of the Factions plugin is installed if respect_factions is true
  • Added a configuration section under_door_blocks to blocks.yml to set which blocks are replaced under the Police Box door. Also added carpet to the default list
  • Added a configuration section no_artron_value to blocks.yml for zero value condensables
  • Added a new config option for custom_creeper_id to set the id of the block under the Artron Energy Creeper in the new 'custom' console schematic
  • Added basic MCPC+/Forge support
  • You can now delete all companions with the command /tardis remove all


  • All console and room schematics have been updated
    • You need to delete the plugins/TARDIS/schematics folder!
    • You need to delete rooms.yml and let it regenerate, as all room offsets have changed
  • Room and jettison seed position has changed
    • unfortunately this is not backwards compatible with old rooms (as this change was needed to implement and be compatible with ARS and full room jettisoning)
    • seed blocks are now placed in front of the stone pressure plate that activates the new piston doors (new schematics required) - players with older TARDISes should be able to work out where to place the seed block using the diagram below (grey squares are stone pressure plates, red squares are seed blocks, green blocks are piston doors, purple blocks are room walls)
    • Seed block positions
  • The /tardis jettison command now removes the whole room
  • TARDIS creation now defaults to using seed blocks - see above
  • The TARDIS Temporal circuit now makes the player invisible
  • If the Police Box lamp is set to a REDSTON_LAMP, then it flashes on and off during re- and de-materialisation
  • Leashes are retained in the player's inventory when transferring horses
  • The Police Box platform block id and data value can now be set in the config - platform_id: [id] and platform_data: [data]
  • If the Police Box door is locked, entities cannot be transported
  • Leashes and beacons can now be condensed
  • The save sign can now only display a maximum of 45 saves
  • Malfunctions are now allowed to travel to disabled nether/the end worlds
  • The compass target is reset to the bed spawn / world spawn location when a regular compass is selected after using the TARDIS locator
  • All wool in a room is replaced with stained clay if use_clay is true
  • TARDIS control signs (except Keyboard) can now be COMPARATORS
  • Mobs are not farmed at all if there is no FARM room && spawn_eggs is false
  • The TARDIS home, current, next and back location saving has been completely reworked
  • Almost all non-SELECT SQL queries are now run asynchronously
  • The player must still be in a TARDIS world when updating blocks
  • The player must grow a (farm, rail, stable or village) room first before being able to update the relevant block locations
  • The plugin now prevents the TARDIS from landing at y = 0
  • When LEFT-clicking the door, it now locks / unlocks both sides
  • Plugin metrics has been removed due to unreliability
  • Random location finding attempts can now be limited with a config option - random_attempts: [number] - default is 30
  • The tardis.skeletonkey permission now overrides locked isomorphic controls
  • The destiantion terminal, ARS, TIS, temporal circuit, and keyboard sign GUIs are now added automatically to new TARDISes

Bug fixes

  • The plugin now checks the player has permission to use the back door to The End or the Nether
  • Police Box block protection is removed correctly when travelling after the Police Box has been hidden
  • Fixed RAIL room offset
  • Fixed a typo in the Materialsation Circuit recipe which prevented the circuit from being crafted in hard difficulty mode
  • Fixed a number of ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the sign GUIs
  • Fixed some servers not being able to find the TARDIS item recipe map files
  • Fixed an exploit involving Multiverse-inventories with TARDIS mob farming and minecart transfers
  • Stopped room block positions from being updated if the room hadn't been grown yet
  • Fixed the farm room using wool in the floor even if use_clay is true
  • Fix players being able to go the protected or disabled locations under certain circumstances
  • If a TARDIS default world uses TARDISChunkGenerator, then SPONGE is converted to AIR in the console schematics
  • A handbrake control record is inserted even if a custom schematic does not have CAKE block (the placeholder for the handbrake)
  • The plugin now checks for unique save names
  • Fixed the condenser chest throwing an IllegalArgumentException if it was turned into a double chest
  • Fixed the fix /tardistravel area [area] command landing TARDIS is the same spot
  • Fixed a bug where, if the TARDIS was created in same world, it wasn't created underground
  • Bedrock and pistion extensions in room schematics are now ignored when rooms_require_blocks is true
  • Players are rescued even if materialise is false
  • The plugin only loops for the size of the TARDIS area, that way if it is full, it doesn't go into an endless loop and crash the server
  • Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error if no EPS messgae is supplied to the /tardisprefs eps_message command
  • The plugin now checks a player has permission for a world before using it in the random world list
  • Fixed a NullPointerException in the Chat listener when a player is muted by another plugin

Beta version - use at your own risk!