TARDIS 2.4-beta-1


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    May 30, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1



  • Added a config option to enable/disable the giving of spawn eggs when TARDIS mob farming
  • Added 'Emergency Program One' - see: https://vimeo.com/66056277
    • Emergency Program One appears after a malfunction, or when a Time Lord dies, and the autonomous function is enabled
    • can be enabled/disabled in the config file - emergency_npc: [true|false]
    • can be turned off and on by the player - /tardisprefs eps [on|off]
    • players can set a custom NPC message - /tardisprefs eps_message [message]
    • Requires the Citizens plugin!
  • Added a permission for the /tardisgravity command - tardis.gravity
  • Added two configurable gravity options: gravity_max_distance and gravity_max_velocity
  • Added a TARDIS 'keyboard' - see: https://vimeo.com/66056277
    1. Place a sign in the TARDIS control room
    2. Use the command /tardis update keyboard, then click the sign
    3. Right-click the 'keyboard' with another sign
    4. Enter a save/area/player on the first line or coordinates (world,x,y,z) on four lines
    5. Click done and the destination will be set
  • Added the ability to switch Texture Packs when entering/exiting the TARDIS - see: https://vimeo.com/66056277
    • Requires Server Textures be turned ON in Minecraft Options
    • can be enabled/disabled in the config file - allow_tp_switch: [true|false]
    • change the texture pack preference: /tardistexture [on|off]
    • set the texture pack with: /tardistexture [in|out] [url] - where in is inside the TARDIS. url must be a valid internet link to the texture pack file e.g. http://www.something.com/tp.zip
  • Chameleon blocks are now configurable - edit the allowed block ID list (chameleon_blocks) in blocks.yml
  • Added Police Box de-materialisation :)
  • Added /tardis secondary door command to add an exit door to secondary control rooms
  • Added /tardis rescue [player] command - see: https://vimeo.com/66633682
    • the player must accept the rescue attempt by typing tardis rescue accept in chat, and then stay in one spot
    • the Police Box will materialise around the player and transport them inside the TARDIS
  • Added basic support for PermissionsEx to the add_perms feature - TARDIS worlds will inherit the permissions from the main server world
  • Added 'Hostile Action Displacement System' (HADS) - the Police Box will move itself if it takes damage - see: https://vimeo.com/66992762
    • can be enabled/disabled in the config file - allow_hads: [true|false]
    • the displacement distance is configurable - hads_distance: [amount]
    • the damage count is configurable - hads_damage: [amount]
    • can be turned off and on by the player - /tardisprefs hads [on|off]
  • There are now separate config files for rooms, artron and blocks
    • rooms.yml has all the room settings
    • artron.yml has all the costs and items for travelling and energy
    • blocks.yml contains the lists of allowable blocks for the 'middle' block and the chameleon circuit
    • The old config is converted automatically
  • The /tardisgravity command can only be used in a TARDIS world
  • The TARDIS console 'world-repeater' now always travels within the current world when on the 1-tick setting - see this ticket: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-mods/tardis/tickets/171-world-repeater/
  • Added jukebox and note block to the condensables list so the bedroom can be grown when rooms_require_blocks is true
  • Added wooden button to the condensables list so secondary consoles can be grown when rooms_require_blocks is true
  • Added vine to the condensables list so custom rooms requiring them can be grown when rooms_require_blocks is true
  • If a custom room uses WEB then the player needs to condense STRING when rooms_require_blocks is true
  • Fixed the /tardis update repeater command
  • Non-admins can no longer add TARDIS areas with the /tardisarea command
  • The default offset for the antigravity room is set properly when the plugin is started for the first time - the offset should be 0 - update you config if it is not!
  • TARDIS mob farming now remembers the animals age and colour
  • Saves made before config changes now respect those changes
  • Custom rooms can be grown if the player has tardis.room permission

It is highly recommended that you:

  1. back up your server before installing this version