TARDIS 2.3-pre


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    May 2, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1



  • Updated to Bukkit 1.5.2-R0.1
  • Added support for My Worlds plugin (as an alternative world manager to Multiverse-Core or Multi-world)
  • Fixed a NPE when using the /tardisbook command with no arguments
  • Fixed a NPE exception if the TARDIS schematics aren't updated
  • The config option default_world is disabled automatically if create_worlds is also true
  • Added a check that the TARDIS has enough Artron Energy to use the backdoor
  • Added a check that the other backdoor has been added successfully before allowing use of the backdoor feature
  • Added a check when updating the inner backdoor, that the player has entered the TARDIS properly by the regular door
  • Added a config option: return_room_seed: [true|false] - whether the player gets back the room seed block when jettisoning a room
  • Custom room schematics now have their own folder user_schematics - please move any custom schematics to here, custom rooms will be disabled in the config until you do...
  • Removed the TRIPWIRE and TRIPWIRE_HOOK items from the valid materials that can be used for the TARDIS key - they don't work anyway
  • Fixed pet name tags showing when transported into the TARDIS when the pet never had a custom name
  • Made the controls converter far more robust, if any of the control locations are missing then the plugin determines their position automagically
  • Fixed an ArrayOutOfBounds exception when controls had been converted more than once and there were duplicate records

It is highly recommended that you:

  1. back up your server before installing this version
  2. delete the plugins/TARDIS/schematics folder so you have the latest TARDIS and room schematic files, remember to move your custom room schematics to plugins/TARDIS/user_schematics first