TARDIS 2.3-beta-1


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    Apr 29, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.2



  • The default for the config option rooms_require_blocks is now false
  • Fixed the update checker giving the wrong message if a release version is available and the current version is a beta
  • Player's can now add a back door to the tardis - and no funny jokes please...
    • Requires the permission tardis.backdoor
    • Place a pair of IRON doors - one inside and one outside!
    • Use the command /tardis update backdoor to tell the TARDIS where they are located
    • Using the back door requires Artron Energy - set the cost with the config option backdoor
  • Companions can now enter the TARDIS at any time (The Time Lord of the TARDIS does not have to be inside)
  • Added isomorphic controls so that Time Lords can lock the controls and prevent companions from stealing the TARDIS
    • use the command /tardisprefs isomorphic [on|off]
  • Added the permission tardis.exterminate - players must have it to delete their TARDIS
  • Fixed some levers falling into the void (causing inactive lamps) in deluxe & eleventh TARDIS schematics - delete the old schematics
  • Fixed the handbrake not being added in the deluxe TARDIS schematic - delete the old schematic
  • Added missing condensable *_ITEM items or cauldrons, brewing stands and nether_bricks to the condensables list. This should fix some rooms not being able to be grown when rooms_require_blocks is true
  • Added the ability for functional secondary control consoles
    • Old primary controls are automatically updated to the new format
    • Old secondary controls can be updated with the command tardis secondary [control] - the command functions exactly the same way as /tardis update
    • Growing a baker or wood secondary console room automatically adds functional secondary controls - delete the old room schematics
  • Added a player preference to only have the TARDIS beacon on while travelling - /tardisprefs beacon [on|off]
    • In new TARDISes the beacon is off until the Artron Energy Capacitor is initialised by clicking the Artron button with the TARDIS key - delete the old schematics
  • Removed all reliance on NMS and OCB methods
    • this means that offline players no longer have their location set to the server's default world spawn point (probably a non-issue as spawn is usually controlled by another plugin anyway e.g. Essentials Spawn)
    • this also means that the plugin will not break with every CraftBukkit update :)
  • Fixed a NPE when trying the rename the TARDIS key when it is AIR

It is highly recommended that you:

  1. back up your server before installing this version
  2. delete the plugins/TARDIS/schematics folder so you have the latest TARDIS and room schematic files