TARDIS 2.2-beta-2


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    Apr 12, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.1



Bug fixes

  • Travel to a previously saved destination in The End or the Nether is denied if they are disabled in the config or the player doesn't have permission.
  • Travel to a world that is disabled in the config is now denied for all travel commands (not just for random time travel)
  • The plugin no longer tries to load anything else if support for the CraftBukkit version is not found
  • The plugin now correctly finds the default world spawn location (sometimes used when admin deleting a TARDIS)
  • Fixed the /tardisadmin delete [player] command sometimes failing
  • Fixed the /tardisadmin gamemode command
  • The plugin no longer spams the console at startup so much - to revert to the old behaviour, set debug: true in the TARDIS config
  • Fixed a Police Box duplication bug
  • You can now only use your own TARDIS saves (even if you know the name of another player's)
  • If a 'TARDIS_TimeVortex' world has a NORMAL environment, then it is now kept night like a regular TARDIS world
  • Fixed an error at startup related to loading Police Box chunks
  • Fixed a persistent error in the Creeper checker if a world was present in the TARDIS database, but not on the server
  • Added missing room.enabled and room.offset to /tardisadmin config command
  • Fixed grammar in the /tardisprefs command
  • The Police Box is no longer destroyed if it is already hidden
  • Re-updated the 'eleventh' (Emerald Block) TARDIS schematic, which was mistakenly replaced with an old version


  • Added a config option rooms_require_blocks: [true|false] - if true it forces players to have condensed the blocks needed to grow a room.
  • Added a config option rooms_condenser_percent: [amount] - use this to set the percentage of the blocks required for a room, a player needs to condense
  • Added a command /tardisroom blocks [room name] - lists the blocks required to grow a room
  • Added a command /tardisroom blocks save - saves a list of rooms and their required blocks to file
  • Added some new 1.5 items to the TARDIS 'condensables' list
  • Added a command /tardis inside - lists the occupants of the TARDIS
  • If create_worlds is true, then the TARDIS chest is automatically designated and the condenser
  • Added TARDIS books - give the player Timelore books to read and instruct them on: how to get TARDIS acheivements, do stuff with the plugin etc - Books are created from text files so are customisable - see http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/books.html
  • Added command /tardisbook list - shows what books are available
  • Added command /tardisbook get [book] - gets the specified book
  • Added TARDIS achievements - in conjunction with TARDIS books, you can achieve goals and gain rewards - goal amounts and rewards are customisable - see http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/achievements.html
  • Added command /tardisbook start [book] - to start the specified achievement
  • Added Mooshrooms to TARDIS mob farming
  • Player's pets will now enter/exit the TARDIS with the player if they are close to the TARDIS doors (the same distance as for mob farming)
  • Added config options: malfunction, malfunction_nether and malfunction_end - if not set to 0 gives a chance of TARDIS malfunction when time travelling, deposting the player in a different location than expected - a small (configurable) chance it may be the Nether or The End, even if they are disabled in the config or the player doesn't have permission. There is an emergency landing SFX (Spout required). Lights will flicker and there will be smoke and nausea effects (only if the TARDIS is created after updating to this version…) - see http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/malfunction.html
  • Added config option exile: [true|false] - sets whether the TARDIS exile feature is enabled
  • Added config option per_world_perms: [true|false] - sets whether to use permissions per world for time travel - if true, then the player requires the permission tardis.travel.[world name]
  • Added command /tardisadmin prune [days] - automatically delete TARDISes that have not been used for the specified number of days (last use is set by the player using the TARDIS handbrake)
  • Added command /tardisadmin prune list [days] - check which TARDISes will be deleted - outputs to screen/console and also writes to file. There is also a tardis.prune.bypass permission - see http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/prune.html
  • Added command aliases for all commands, see table below:

Beta version - use at your own risk!