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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.0



  • Added /tardisadmin list save command to save TARDIS locations to a text file
  • Fixed a NPE in the save-sign listener
  • Changed the message for handbrake release so that it says to "LEFT-click" the handbrake
  • Interior TARDIS sounds have been changed (only applies to Spout enabled servers/clients)
Changes since version 2.0
  • Updated for CraftBukkit 1.5-R0.1
  • Added support for new Minecraft 1.5 blocks/items
  • The TARDIS door can now be locked from both the inside and outside
  • The scanner now works correctly for players
  • The scanner uses the correct location if the TARDIS has time travelled but the Time Lord has not yet exited the door
  • The TARDIS mob farming feature now allows animals to be within 2 blocks of the Police Box (instead of having to be inside the door)
  • Keeping TARDIS worlds always night is now configurable - set keep_night: false if you wish a normal day to run its course
  • Fixed a bug stopping the Chameleon Circuit from being able to short out with wool blocks
  • Fixed the grammar in the message shown when growing gravity wells
  • Added a player preference for room 'floor' blocks - use /tardisprefs floor [material] to change all LIGHT GREY WOOL blocks to the block of your choice
  • Added a config option to allow precious blocks, ores and TNT for the Chameleon Circuit and room walls and floors - set all_blocks: true in the config to enable this
  • Added the ability to create gravity wells in any direction with the /tardisgravity [direction] [distance] [velocity] command - see http://eccentricdevotion.github.com/TARDIS/gravity-wells.html for more info
  • The TARDIS beacon block is now indestructible (only applies to new TARDISes)
  • The farm room schematic was updated, please delete the old farm.schematic file in the plugins/TARDIS/schematics folder
  • Players with the tardis.skeletonkey permissions can now enter any TARDIS whether hidden or otherwise with the command: /tardis enter [player]
  • There is now a proper help message when using the /tardis room help and /tardisprefs wall help commands
  • Admin deleting a TARDIS with /tardisadmin delete [player] now properly removes the TARDIS world if create_worlds is true
  • TARDIS worlds are properly deleted even if create_worlds has been set to false after the TARDIS was created
  • Adjusted the update checker message so that servers are informed if a final release with the same base version number as a beta or pre-release has been uploaded
  • The TARDIS key is now a player preference, to set it use: /tardisprefs key [material] - if not set then the config default is used
  • Added an autonomous homing preference - if the player dies they can have the TARDIS fly home or to a recharge point (whichever is the closest). There is are config settings allow_autonomous: [true|false] and for Artron energy autonomous: [cost], a permission node tardis.autonomous and the command to toggle it on and off /tardisprefs auto [on|off] - http://eccentricdevotion.github.com/TARDIS/autonomous.html
  • You can now open the TARDIS door by RIGHT-clicking it while SNEAKING (use left SHIFT key)
  • Time Lords can now lock their Police Box doors by LEFT-clicking them. No one will be able to enter (including the Time Lord) until it is unlocked. Use another LEFT-click to unlock it
  • Added the command /tardisadmin decharge [name] to remove recharge points from the config
  • Fixed bugs stopping the plugin from loading on Tekkit Classic servers
  • The room jettison seed block is now a configurable item - jettison_seed: [material] - the default is still TNT
  • The TARDIS's Chameleon Circuit can now be shorted out. This means you can always have a leaves or stone brick TARDIS if you really want. To short out the circuit use: /tardis chameleon short while targeting the block of your choice. To repair the circuit and use the regular Chameleon block type: /tardis chameleon reset - the circuit of course needs to be ON - http://eccentricdevotion.github.com/TARDIS/chameleon-circuit.html
  • The bind command has been changed to /tardisbind [bind type] [name] - this means you can now bind buttons to players and TARDIS areas as well as saved locations and the hide, rebuild and home commands - http://eccentricdevotion.github.com/TARDIS/bind-commands.html
  • You can no longer run the /tardis room command leave the TARDIS world and grow a room in another location
  • Added simple support for the Factions plugin - location finding / checking now allows players to only land in their own faction space or wilderness. Has the config option: respect_factions [true|false]
  • Added a way to set permissions for TARDIS worlds if using a permissions plugin that has a config file per world. Support is only for Essentials GroupManager and bPermissions at the moment. Set add_perms: [true|false] in the config, and add the permissions players should have in TARDIS worlds to the plugins/TARDIS/permissions.txt - more information: http://eccentricdevotion.github.com/TARDIS/add-permissions.html
  • Fixed a bug when using /tardis update door and clicking on the top half of the door. Doors directions are updated correctly now
  • Added a farm room and the ability to farm mobs if they are captured in the Police Box. Config option allow_mob_farming: [true|false], permission node tardis.farm - http://eccentricdevotion.github.com/TARDIS/farming.html
  • Fixed an error in lightning listener if you had a freshly installed v2.0 plugin - missing recharging database column in tardis table is now added correctly
  • Using /tardis direction now consumes Artron Energy (the same amount as random time travel)
  • Fixed a bug where TARDIS worlds were created even if default_world was true
  • Fixed the wall player preference field in the database not being populated with the default value. If you have a problem growing rooms use: /tardisprefs wall [material] to set your preference (should only apply to TARDIS created before updating to v2.0)
  • Fixed a bug with the TARDIS save-sign displaying 'bound' player names and null, null, null
  • Added new rooms: crossroads, mushroom, long passage and greenhouse - see http://eccentricdevotion.github.com/TARDIS/rooms.html and http://eccentricdevotion.github.com/TARDIS/room-gallery.html - permissions: tardis.cross, tardis.mushroom, tardis.long and tardis.greenhouse. Thanks to @gaeasson for ideas and schematics
  • Fixed an error if typing /tardisbind with no arguments