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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



  • Fixed grammar and spelling in some player messages
  • Fixed bug if supplying an invalid room type to the /tardis room command
  • Fixed bug if supplying an invalid world name to /tardistravel command
  • Fixed a NPE error in the HandBrake Listener
  • Fixed an error when clicking the wrong block type after using the /tardis update command
  • Fixed a NPE in /tardis comehere command
  • Fixed a NPE in /tardisadmin delete command
  • Added WOODEN SLAB ids to list of blocks that need to be replaced under the Police Box door
  • Added four new 'rooms'
    • Eye of Harmony - /tardis room harmony - seed block SMOOTH STONE STAIR - The Eye contains a chest, which is automatically set as the TARDIS condenser.
    • Secondary console - /tardis room baker - seed block ENDER STONE
    • Secondary console - /tardis room wood - seed block WOOD PLANK
    • Anti-gravity well - /tardis room antigravity - seed block SANDSTONE - This one goes up! Place the seed block in the middle of an empty room as you would for the Gravity Well
  • Fixed MultiWorld plugin support - TARDIS worlds will be created by MultiWorld rather than Bukkit
  • Added vanilla Minecraft sounds to materialisation and door entry and exit (if not using Spout)
  • Fixed Handbrake not updating after a server restart
  • Fixed some blocks (stairs, ladders, buttons etc) not facing the correct direction when rooms are grown in a North or West direction
  • The 'eleventh' TARDIS has been updated
  • The Gravity Well is now one block taller/deeper to accommodate growing rooms underneath the 'arboretum' room
  • The ICE blocks in the 'pool' room are now thawed upon room completion
  • Lamps are now all turned on correctly upon room completion
  • Worlds in the config are now added/removed as necessary when using the /tardisadmin reload command
  • Added a confirmation command /tardis exterminate with a configurable timeout period (confirm_timeout) when breaking the Police Box sign (deleting the TARDIS)
  • New TARDIS worlds now have PVP set to false by default
  • Added a TARDIS scanner - this can be a button or lever - use the /tardis update scanner command to add it. The scanner will tell you about the location of the current saved destination/current Police Box location (if no destination has been set). It includes information on the following:
    • The world and co-ordinates
    • Biome type
    • Time of day
    • Weather
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Nearby entities (in a 1 chunk radius)
  • Added player preference to set the block used to grow room walls - use /tardisprefs wall help to see a list of available blocks. The preference is automatically set when creating the TARDIS - default, bigger and deluxe sizes are set to ORANGE_WOOL and the eleventh to LIGHT_GREY_WOOL if using LAPIS as the middle block (in the creation stack). Otherwise it is set the the material used for the middle block.
  • If the config contains debug: true, rooms grow faster
  • The TARDIS condenser now accepts most blocks and items for conversion. You get more energy for items of higher worth e.g. if the value of DIRT = 1, then a diamond = 200
  • You can no longer use the /tardis comehere command to bring the Police Box to a predefined TARDIS area - this should stop potential overlaps and dupes

Pre-release software, use at your own risk!