TARDIS 2.0-beta-5 (ZIP - with TARDISChunkGenerator)


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    Feb 4, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



  • The precious blocks under the TARDIS beacon are now protected properly from harvesting after travelling for the first time Note this will only be in effect for newly created TARDISs
  • The spawn point of TARDIS worlds is now set inside the TARDIS, so no more falling to your death in the void if you die and respawn in your TARDIS. Note this will only be in effect for newly created TARDISs + untested with MultiWorld plugin
  • Improved messaging when clicking on the door and handbrake while travelling
  • The plugin now properly respects the give_key config option
  • The full_charge config value is now used where it should be
  • The EMERALD/Eleventh TARDIS schematic now sets the handbrake block correctly - please delete the old schematic and CSV file
  • You can no longer use the commands: /tardis come here, /tardis home, and /tardis setdest [name] when you are in a TARDIS
  • You can no longer use any travel commands if you are the NOT the timelord of the TARDIS you are currently inside
  • The Police Box platform gets properly destroyed (if present) when using the /tardis direction command
  • The chunks that Police Boxes are in are now kept loaded - this is to prevent the Police Box from not being destroyed properly when time travelling. Once the Police Box is moved the chunks are allowed to unload normally again. You can check which chunks are kept loaded with the command /tardisadmin chunks
  • Police Box chunks are now saved to a text file (chunks.txt) when the plugin is disabled, and reloaded again when the plugin is next enabled
  • Safe location finding has been improved, there should always be at least one clear block in front of the door
  • TARDIS areas set up in the Nether now work correctly. Note this will only be in effect for newly created areas. The plugin now also checks that the area start and end blocks are at the same Y level
  • If a TARDIS was created in its own world, then the plugin no longer bothers to destroy the actual TARDIS as the world is deleted anyway
  • General code tidying

Beta software, use at your own risk!