TARDIS 2.0-beta-4 (JAR only)


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    Jan 31, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



  • Fixed bug with the /tardisadmin list command
  • Fixed bug with the /tardisadmin config command
  • Added /tardis unbind [save_name] command to remove a destination that has been bound to a button with the /tardis bind command
  • Fixed a bug where rooms grew funny (with missing blocks) if you left the TARDIS world while it was growing. The plugin now keeps the chunks the room is growing in loaded until the process is complete
  • Added a new room - workshop, seed block is NETHER_BRICK
  • Added a new TARDIS interior - use an EMERALD_BLOCK
  • Made TARDIS worlds not have any weather (if using Multiverse) + a couple of other MV options (Don't keep TARDIS world spawn in memory, don't allow portals in TARDIS worlds)
  • You can now exit the TARDIS to your current location if you have chosen a new destination but haven't released the handbrake yet.
  • Removed some unused config options (protect_blocks and require_spout)
  • Fixed an error if the TARDIS schematic doesn't have the correct block in it for the charged creeper to spawn on.
  • Fixed the TARDIS Police Box sometimes melting when it is materialising (whose idea was it to put a torch next to ICE blocks anyway?)
  • Admins can now allow players to grow rooms in non-TARDIS worlds - however, the world must be called TARDIS_TimeVortex, and either be world type FLAT or use the TARDISChunkGenerator, and of course the player must have the permission tardis.room - haven't really tested this, so let me know if you use it...

Beta software, use at you own risk!

There has been a report of the Police Box duplication bug reappearing, please let us know if this has affected you!