TARDIS 2.0-beta-1


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    Jan 19, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1



  • WARNING - not yet suitable for public servers! Please wait for a stable release.
  • You can now have the plugin generate separate worlds for each TARDIS
  • TARDISes now consume Artron Energy, and need to be recharged periodically. Artron energy is used to time travel, hide the TARDIS and grow rooms. Recharging occurs when the TARDIS is in the vicinity of beacon blocks that have been defined as recharge points by the server admin. Each TARDIS now contains an Artron Energy Capacitor which needs to be initialised when the TARDIS is first created.
  • You can now grow rooms off the TARDIS console room. Room types include: passage ways, an arboretum, bedrooms, kitchens, libraries, pools, vaults and empty rooms. Rooms can be jettisoned to gain more power.
  • Travel to the Nether and The End now requires a (configurable) minimum amount of Artron energy so that it is harder to travel there (like vanilla Minecraft, and also like in the Doctor Who episode 'The Doctor's Wife').
  • The TARDIS Police Box can be configured to materialise when re-entering a world after travelling in the time vortex.
  • If the Towny plugin is installed on the server, the TARDIS can be configured to only land in wilderness.
  • Added an in-built update checker (you can turn this off in the config).
  • Now backwards compatible to at least Bukkit 1.2.4-R4.1, so now working with Tekkit server again! (And yes, you can use the Sonic Screwdriver as the TARDIS key).
  • Database handling completely rewritten.
  • Classes split into packages.
  • Various code optimisations.

This is a beta, backup before installing!