TARDIS 1.8.5


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    Dec 8, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2



  • Added some new permissions:
    • tardis.timetravel.player - set whether a player can time travel to a player's location
    • tardis.timetravel.location - set whether a player can time travel to a co-ordinate location
  • Added a timer and associated config keys, so that you can timetravel to skyblock type worlds
    • timeout: [seconds] - the maximum number of seconds the random location finder is allowed to take
    • timeout_height: [y-height] - the height the random destination defaults to if the random location finder times out
  • Added admin commands to list and delete player TARDISs:
    • /tardisadmin list - list player TARDISs and locations - use tardisadmin list 2, /tardisadmin list 3 etc to see more records
    • /tardisadmin delete [player] - deletes a player's TARDIS record and removes their inner TARDIS and Police Box
  • Fixed bug where if include_default_world was set to false players could still use commands to time travel to the default world
  • Added some transparent blocks to the comehere, home and setdest commands so that the eye location is set correctly

There needs to be at least one saved destination (in addition to the 'home' location) in order to be able to set a time travel destination using the new 'save' sign