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    Nov 9, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2


  • Fixed /tardis admin area start [area_name_goes_here] throwing an error if you forgot to give it a name
  • If the WorldGuard plugin is installed on the server, inner TARDISs are now protected with a WorldGuard Cuboid region that is owned by the player who created it. WorldGuard protection flags include: TNT, CREEPER_EXPLOSION, FIRE_SPREAD, LAVA_FIRE, LAVA_FLOW, LIGHTER, and BUILD, all set to DENY - NOTE Protection applies only to TARDISs created with this version of the plugin, AND will not extend to custom TARDIS extensions!
  • Fixed Police Box sign not being protected after using the /tardis direction command
  • Improved/fixed travel to The End - previously safe location finding would potentially send the the plugin into an endless loop and hang the server, if repeater travel distance settings were too high (The End is not very big!)
  • Improved safe location finding - when the Police Box is facing in an EAST or WEST direction the rectangular safe search area is now oriented correctly
  • Fixed /tardis comehere command leaving a 'ghost' police box behind (I think)
  • Added command to rename the TARDIS key item - hold the key in your hand and type /tardis namekey [your cool name here]
  • Added 'Sonic Screwdriver' name to TARDIS key item if it is automatically added to players inventory on time travel to a different world