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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.1


  • Compatible with latest CraftBukkit 1.4.2R0.2-SNAPSHOT
  • Updated materials list to reflect new MC 1.4.2 additions
  • Fixed the TARDIS 'griefing' - blocks displaced by the police box are now replaced when the TARDIS leaves
  • Check worlds in config are still active on the server when plugin starts up, remove from config if not (hopefully fixes random location finding not working for some players)
  • Added command to save additional TARDIS destinations - look at destination block and use /tardis setdest [name]
  • Changed /tardis list saves command so that it lists all saved destinations (not just those saved in the TARDIS console)
  • Added TARDIS 'areas' - you can now set rectangular regions that you can either exclude players from landing in, or only allow certain players to land in. See the Areas page for more details on setting these up.
  • Added /tardis list areas command to show preset areas
  • Added /tardis travel dest [name] and /tardis travel area [name] commands
  • Changed the default TARDIS key to a STICK as REDSTONE_TORCH_ON is a bit buggy when it comes to clicking on the top half of iron doors. The key can still set to any material in the TARDIS config (I use a GOLDEN_CARROT!)
  • Added /tardis home command - saves the block location you are looking at to the 'home' slot on the TARDIS console save-repeater.
  • Added /tardis hide command - hides the TARDIS police box, use /tardis rebuild to show it again.
  • Added permission node tardis.skeletonkey - allows admins/ops with this permission to enter any TARDIS
  • Changed all permission nodes to be lowercase
  • Added config option to give the TARDIS key to players when time travelling to a different world (and a multi-world inventory plugin is active on the server). Add give_key: true to the TARDIS config.yml to enable it.
  • This version will no longer allow you to update from version 1.2.3 and below.

There seems to be a permissions problem for some people, forcing them to be in 'exile' (which means that they have the permission tardis.exile). This is probably because the permissions plugin is not handling tardis.* properly (as configured in the TARDIS plugin.yml). Try setting

tardis.exile: false


- -tardis.exile

(depending on the permissions plugin and see what happens)...