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    Oct 26, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R2.0


  • Added different sized TARDIS interiors - The bottom block when creating a TARDIS determines the size - IRON block gives the current TARDIS, GOLD block gives a bigger TARDIS, DIAMOND block gives a deluxe TARDIS. Deluxe TARDIS schematic kindly provided by ewized.
  • You can now use your own schematic files to build the inner TARDIS - see the Schematics page for more info...
  • A fix for the 'chameleon circuit exploit' - the Police Box is now indestructible in SURVIVAL mode (except for the sign & platform if there is one).
  • Random location finding and /tardis comehere command now respects WorldGuard regions (if WorldGuard is enabled on server).
  • New command /tardis direction [north|west|south|east] allows you to change the direction the TARDIS police box is facing.
  • Exit and entry locations fixed, should not take any damage now.
  • If inner door is moved and updated its new location is now used to determine the entry point to inner TARDIS.
  • TARDIS now lands on snow properly.
  • Removed 'Have not created TARDIS' message when clicking on an iron door.
  • This version will no longer allow you to update from a version 1.2.3 and below.

* Chests may be facing the wrong direction when the TARDIS is initially built
* Police Box block protection only works in SURVIVAL game mode