TARDIS v4.0.6


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    Apr 13, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


Requires TARDISChunkGenerator v4.0.6! See Additional files below.
  • Added API to get door open/closed status for Dynmap-TARDIS
  • Now rotating Directional blocks in Chameleon Constructs for MCDW Models
  • Implemented a TARDIS Chameleon item frame - /tardis update frame - will show the associated Chameleon preset block in the item frame
  • Updated Multiverse dependency to v3.0
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the `open_door_policy` so it actually works
  • Fixed Junk TARDIS not being created properly
  • Fixed opening keyboard sign GUI
  • Fixed TOPSYTUVEY and JAIL presets popping off doors
  • Fixed door direction in REDSTONE console
  • Fixed trapdoor direction on lamp post preset
  • Fixed claiming an abandoned TARDIS
  • Added a random UUID for spawned abandoned TARDISes to fix some issues
  • Fixed Multiverse world aliases
  • Added some checks to/for TARDIS_Zero_Room so falling into the void works correctly according to the TARDIS feature

Additional Files