TARDIS v4.0.3


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    Aug 30, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


Requires TARDISChunkGenerator 4.0.3 and Spigot 1.13.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT


  • Updated for CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.13.1
  • The 'back' destination is now always set when dematerialising (instead of just for /tardis comehere and the Stattenheim Remote)
  • You can no longer land on the end portal in The End when using the Destination Terminal GUI

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TARDISRecordingTask
  • Fixed a bug with Chameleon presets not loading properly from Save Sign GUI
  • Fixed BEDS not being set properly in Chameleon presets
  • Fixed the wall and floor block from the TARDIS seed not being set correctly on TARDIS creation
  • Fixed a NPE loading protected blocks from the database
  • Fixed mob farming not working (you'll need to regrow the room if you have an existing one that was created in 1.13)
  • Fixed the renderer room not working (you'll need to regrow the room if you have an existing one that was created in 1.13)
  • Fixed greenhouse room losing crops and levers, and missing sugar cane (probably best to grow a new one of these too)
  • Fixed Chamelon constructs and the stained glass cycle when dematerialising
  • Prevented some items dropping when materialising
  • Sonic Screwdriver upgrades work again
  • Fixed the Redstone upgraded Sonic not turning on redstone lamps
  • Fixed the Admin Sonic on TARDIS doors
  • Added two missing room permissions - tardis.room.aquarium and tardis.room.shell
  • Fixed the TARDIS exterior lamp not being lit
  • Fixed the /tardisrecipe cell command
  • Fixed players still being killed when falling into the void in the Time Vortex world and preferences.vortex_fall is set to teleport
  • Fixed TARDIS farmed Villager trades being overwritten when their career is set
  • Fixed Villager careers being randomly set for their profession e.g. librarians sometimes becoming cartographers
  • Fixed case sensitive getWorld() method in TARDISMultiverseHelper
  • Fixed TARDIS door knocking throwing an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when the TARDIS key is AIR

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