TARDIS v3.8.1


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    Aug 18, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12


  • Added the legacy consoles to /trecipe tardis [console] command
  • Added ARS methods messages to language localisations (en.yml)
  • Added the Illusioner to the Genetic Manipulator
  • Multiverse world aliases are now shown in all instances in the Destination terminal
  • Update to SpigotAPI 1.12.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
  • All players are now teleported to safe location when upgrading the TARDIS console
  • Optimised the SQL that populates control centre sign updates so servers with hundreds of TARDISes perform better
  • Converted TARDIS achievements to custom Advancements (complete with toasts)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed ARS records sometimes not being created
  • Fixed an SQL error at startup when using MySQL
  • Fixed the give_key config option giving a key when key already had a key in their off hand slot
  • Fixed a bug on PaperSpigot where commands were being run from an async thread
  • Fixed the WorldGuard version check when it had an odd version number string e.g. 6.2.1;84bc322
  • Fixed checking the creeper location throwing an error in custom consoles
  • Fixed the looping time rotor sfx when in the time vortex not stopping when the TARDIS materialises and the player left the TARDIS by non-standard means e.g. not by the door

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