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What is it

TabAPI is an API that is designed to allow developers make use of the Player Tab List in their plugins. It allows a simple way for Dev's to take control of it on a per-player basis to provide ingame stats, custom tab menus, hud's and more!




This plugin requires Protocollib to function.

For Server Owners

If you are a server owner, then simply select the version that matches your server version and download it. This will allow plugins that use this API to take advantage of the API to change the tab list.

Plugins Using TabAPI


  • The minecraft tab list does not support two tabs of the same content. So for example, if you set one square to "test" and anther to "test", only one will be displayed. A workaround for this is you can just add either spaces or color codes to the end to make them unique.
  • the updatePlayer function has to clear the entire tab list and resend it due to mc just appending new packets to the end of the list. therefor, only call this functions as needed (ie once a loop is done, not in the loop), otherwise it will end up causing both lag and high bandwidth usage.
  • Currently only supports tab list with three columns (dev release issue)
  • Currently If no plugin takes control of the tab list, it will show a blank list instead of the default player list (dev release issue)

Graphics and Page design by Malo

This plugin does NOT change the tab on its own. You must make your own plugin or Download one that supports it. Please do not comment saying it doesn't work.



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