Language Setup

Language setup guide

SyncChest can be used for any language that you can imagine. This can be achieved through a file providing all messages. SyncChest has a standard file which contains the english language. If you're not satisfied with my sentences you can change it as you like.

How can I add my language

After installing and reloading look at your plugins/SyncChest/Messages folder. You will find one file called en-messages.yml. Copy this file and change the first and second letter to your language-tag. If you have no idea what your language-tag is. Name it somehow. Now you can translate your copied file. Translate the messages only. Otherwise the plugin will throw Exceptions. If you are ready change the line in config.yml from language: en in language: your_language_tag .

Uploaded Language files

There is already a zip file which contains all uploaded language files. If you want your languages inside it, send it to [email protected]. You will be mentioned as a contributor.


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