SwornGuns adds guns to MineCraft! It allows you to take normal items and turn them into guns of any kind, whether it be a flamethrower, rocket launcher, sniper, or rifle! With SwornGuns, client-side mods are no longer required to have intense gun battles with friends. SwornGuns uses no mods and is completely spout-free.


  • Use normal MineCraft items to simulate guns
  • Use normal MineCraft items to simulate ammo
  • Use normal MineCraft items to simulate grenades/other projectiles
  • Customizable projectile types
  • Customizable gun sounds
  • Donor gun upgrades
  • Headshots
  • Aiming down the sights
  • Option to reload gun on drop
  • All guns are fully customizable
  • And more!

Development Builds

Development Builds can be found at our Continuous Integration server. These builds are not approved by the BukkitDev staff and are to be used at your own risk


  • A detailed configuration guide can be found here
  • Compatible with PVPGunPlus gun configurations (legacy)
  • Additionally, Minecraft's sound class documentation (used for customizable sounds with SwornGuns) can be found here. Also, there is a config option which allows for a gun to be reloaded when you tap the drop item key.

Change Effect Types

SwornGuns has an effect type option. The config format is:

  • radius,time(ticks),effect
  • radius,time(ticks),effect,datavalue

so for a molotov effect: play_effect_on_release=4,200,MOBSPAWNER_FLAMES

By default, SwornGuns comes with 4 grenade types (Grenade/flashbang/molotov/smokegrenade). Smoke grenade and Molotov (in their configurations) show examples of how to use the effect configuration. List of effects can be found here.


Command   Description   Permission
/swornguns help   Displays SwornGuns help    
/swornguns list   Displays all available weapons    
/swornguns reload   Allows the reloading of the plugin   swornguns.reload
/swornguns toggle   Toggles individual firing    


This plugin should work with most major permissions plugins. If a gun NEEDS permission, the node for that gun is:

  • swornguns.fire.[gunname lowercased]


  • MAchiNeGUN = "swornguns.fire.machinegun"
  • shotgun = "swornguns.fire.shotgun"


If SwornGuns has made a significant impact on your server and you feel like donating, click the button below! (Please do not donate more than you can afford!)


Bug Reporting

If you happen to find a bug, create a ticket following this template:

  • Provide a DETAILED description of your problem and how it came about, as well as all (if any) steps taken to remedy the problem.
  • Provide any RELEVANT stack traces or error logs (use pastebin or I will delete your ticket)
  • Provide what version of SwornGuns and Bukkit/Spigot you are using (Please provide the full version string, found with /ua version and /version)
  • Provide any other relevant information.

Before Reporting

  • Check the Development Builds, often times your problems are already solved!
  • Make sure you are running the latest Bukkit/Spigot build


  • Support will not be given for any of the following: Offline Servers and Servers running ancient versions of either Bukkit/Spigot or Java.
  • SwornGuns has been fully tested (as well as built with) with the latest builds of both Java and Bukkit.


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