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Tired of always being pummeled by groups of players in battle? How about the old hit-and-run you get from that overpowered noob with Speed 69 and Strength 100? Or are you just looking for a new way of fighting players in Minecraft?

Introducing Swordplay

Swordplay is a Bukkit plugin unlike any other PvP plugin out there. For example, some plugins just give you levels for mining blocks and killing mobs, making you too overpowered. With Swordplay, there are no levels (aside from an optional mcMMO hook, explained later), just fairness. This plugin's method of battle was influenced by the Infinity Blade series, as well as realistic sword fights in movies. The way that Minecraft's blocking is designed is that no matter where you hit, be it the head, the player's back, or the sword itself, all damage is halved and no durability is wasted. Swordplay aims to add a bit of realism to this.


Instead of standard free-for-alls like in regular PvP servers, Swordplay creates a virtually isolated 1v1 battle zone between two players. No outside sources can damage them, nor will hostile/neutral mobs target them. The way combat is designed is based off of blocking sword slashes realistically: you have to block in the direction the slash is coming from. For example, if Player1 and Player2 are battling (called swordplay) each other, and Player1 goes to deliver an upward slash to Player2, the attack does not land instantly. First, Player2 is notified that Player1 is attacking from below. Next, Player2 has a one-second (configurable) timeframe to react to this attack. What is there to do? Block the attack! So, Player2 faces Player1's feet and blocks (right-clicking) his sword. If the block is successful, both players will get a message saying so, and also an indicator on how many more blocks Player2 needs to successfully make in order to "stun" Player1, which is another custom mechanic in Swordplay. If Player1 is stunned, he is unable to attack, he is applied the Nausea effect (similar to the Nether Portal spinning effect), and his head moves in a sideways figure 8, simulating him being off balance. In this state, Player2 is allowed to strike Player1 as many times as he can before Player1 recovers from the stun (currently set to a configurable 3 seconds; button mashing decreasing the time will be included in a future update). Now, you may be thinking, "This is way too overpowered! I mean, 3 seconds? That's enough to kill a player twice with a Diamond Sword!" I thought this out and, in fairness, players wielding enchanted items will temporarily have their items disenchanted, as well as Diamond Swords and Armor being temporarily downgraded to Iron Swords and Armor, respectively. Also, damage is nerfed quite a bit, with you only being to attack once every 0.9 seconds and the DPH (damage per hit) reduced. Because players are invincible for just under a second after being hit, this gives the damaging player a very slim chance to hit the other player three times in a row.


There's not that much to configure in Swordplay. The only configurable options are:

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
mustConfirmbooleantrueIf true, the other player has to confirm the duel. Disable for faction servers.
shiftClickToDuelbooleantrueIf true, a duel can be started/requested by sneaking and left-clicking the player.
blockTimeFrameinteger2Sets the amount of time, in seconds, a player has to block an attack. Increase for laggy servers.
randAmtOfBlocksbooleantrueIf true, the block amounts are generated by the plugin and not the config.
amtOfBlocksint5Sets the amount of blocks a player needs to successfully do before a player is stunned. "randAmtOfBlocks" must be true for any effect.
stunTimeint3Sets the amount of time, in seconds, a player is stunned for.
mashToDecreasebooleanfalseIf true, allows a player to recover from a stun faster by mashing the WASD keys
allowFleeingbooleanfalseIf true, players can run away from battle.
fleePenaltyint1If true, a fleeing player is penalized by either 1) losing money (requires Vault), 2) losing their weapon, or 3) death. "allowFleeing" must be true for any effect.


Just one command here: /swordplay (/sp). Here are the arguments:

Argument 1/Alias -Argument 2 -Permission -Description
a[ccept][player name]swordplay.acceptAccepts a Swordplay request from a player who requested one.
c[ancel][player name]swordplay.cancelCancels a Swordplay request you sent to a player.
d[eny][player name]swordplay.denyDenies a Swordplay request from a player who requested one.
i[nfo]-none-swordplay.infoGets info about the Swordplay plugin.

To Do

- Get a first release built and uploaded
- Complete the main page


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