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SwordBow allows your sword to also act as a bow! But that's not it! There's more!

Current build tested against CraftBukkit 1.6.4


Get custom SwordBow textures HERE

Texture example video

SwordBow allows you to have a bow attached to your sword. On a right click action, you fire an arrow! On a left click action, it acts as a sword! SwordBow is extremely configurable for however you like. Some main features are that you can configure which swords are used, you can disable/enable arrow pickup, a configurable time interval, visual effects and much more.

The plugin is extremely lightweight and easy to use. It's highly configurable and adjustable for your liking. It is made so it's player friendly and anti-cheat-able. This plugin is perfect for survival servers, PVP servers, mini-game servers and lots more others!



  • Configure which swords are used
  • Custom SwordBow textures and materials (HERE)
  • Allows your sword to also be a bow and shoot arrows
  • Customize the messages prefix
  • Doesn't hurt players in no-PVP zones
  • Disable/enable players picking up arrows that were shot
  • Displays a visual effect on arrow shoot
  • Update notifier
  • Sound effects and visual effects
  • Disable/enable using player arrows
  • Texture notifier on login
  • Visual effect like the "bow zoom"
  • Configure the bow zoom feature to your liking in the config
  • There is a time interval in between each arrow getting shot (configurable time limit in config or set to none)
  • Disable/enable the time interval notification
  • Permission node for usage
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Perfect for PVP servers, survival servers, mini-game servers and much more
  • A great perk for donators on servers

Installation instructions

  1. Drag the plugin into your plugins folder
  2. Reload/load your server

DONE! Now to configure the plugin!

  1. Go into the folder in your plugin folder called "SwordBow"
  2. Open the config.yml and configure the plugin to your liking

Usage instructions

Once you have SwordBow installed on your server, follow these steps:

  1. Configure the config file and adjust it to your liking
  2. Make sure the player has the permission node swordbow.use or is an OP
  3. Hold a sword (configurable)
  4. Right click to shoot an arrow and left click to use your sword

Permission nodes & Commands

The plugin currently has two simple permission nodes for usage:

  • swordbow.use - Use the SwordBow and /swordbow
  • swordbow.disable - Disable the plugin with /swordbow disable
  • swordbow.admin - Admin messages for updates


  1. (1.3.0) The SwordBow is craftable
  2. (1.3.0) Custom item display name
  3. (1.3.0) Spawn the sword bow - /swordbow spawn <swordname>
  4. (1.3.0) Does not shoot when right clicking doors, buttons, levers, chests etc.
  5. (1.3.1) Purchase swordbows (all economy plugins)
  6. (1.3.1) Fix the "Use player arrows" feature
  7. (1.3.1) Configure the price of swordbows
  8. (1.3.2) Poisonous arrows (poison potion splash where the arrow lands)
  9. (1.3.2) Craft poisonous arrows or spawn them
  10. (1.3.2) Separate sword for poisonous arrows
  11. (1.3.3) The swordbow takes durability damage when you fire an arrow
  12. (1.3.4) Configure the amount of damage the arrow does for each sword


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