We all have trouble with those annoying pests on our server: players swearing all the time. If you are sick of them, then SwearingBlocker is right for you. This lightweight plugin stops their messages from appearing, and can also smite players who swear. It works instantly, no additional setup required!

How to Install

  • Drag and drop the .jar file into your plugins folder
  • Stop and restart your server
  • Set up the config.yml however you want
  • Add your own words in the config.yml


  • Blocks swear messages from all players
  • Smites (sends lightning down upon) players who swear
  • Sends a private message to the player who swears: [Server] Hey, [player], do not swear!
  • option to add your own words in config
  • after a custom amount of warnings a player gets banned


  • sb.* - includes all permissions
  • sb.reload - allows /sb reload
  • sb.list - allows /sb list
  • sb.addword - allows /sb addword
  • sb.rmword - allows /ab rmword
  • sb.bypass - bypasses swearing
  • sb.warnings.create - create a warning sign
  • sb.warnins.payoff - use warning signs (typo on this permission will be fixed in next version)
  • sb.admin - checks for updates each time you join

Warning system

this feature lets you give warnings to swearing people

if they got max warnings they get banned (you can unban with /unban <name>)

if they want to get rid of a warning admins can create signs like this:

  • line 1 : [warning]
  • line 2: <price>


/sb - SwearingBlocker help

/sb info - SwearingBlocker info

/sb reload - reload config

/sb addword <word> - add a word

/sb rmword <word> - remove a word

/sb list - view all listed words


Visit our forum at our Bukkit forum page

You can report typos or bugs, ask questions, and check for developer build information.

To-do List

  • make feature to let it replace the wrong word wih: *
  • Deduct a specified amount of money from a player's Vault balance when they swear
  • complete warning system

Known Bugs

  • by typing: /sb without arguments, it gives an error (fixed in 1.4.1)



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This plugin is used on Cobalt!


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