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  • Configurable words to block in chat
  • Will ban automatically after certain amount of cuss attempts (Configurable)
  • Fully automated to help remove stress off server staff members
  • Listens to chat messages and commands
  • Optional temporary-ban system
  • A /togglecuss command for toggling the view of cuss words in your chat (configurable)
  • The ability to replace cusswords with '*' instead of just blocking them
  • Optional language file to change in-game messages


  • /swearfilter info - gives you the information (cuss amounts) on a player
  • /swearfilter reset - resets the player's cuss-amounts back to 0
  • /swearfilter add - adds blocked words while in-game
  • /swearfilter remove - remove blocked words while in-game
  • /swearfilter list - lists all the cuss-words that are currently blocked
  • /togglecuss - toggles your ability to see cuss words in chat


  • swearfilter.chatfilter - gives you access to the /chatfilter command
  • swearfilter.info - gives you access to the info subcommand
  • swearfilter.reset - gives you access to the reset subcommand
  • swearfilter.add - gives you access to the add subcommand
  • swearfilter.remove - gives you access to the remove subcommand
  • swearfilter.list - gives you access to the list subcommand
  • swearfilter.bypass - lets you bypass the chatfilter
  • swearfilter.notify - notifies you when a player is stopped from cussing or is banned for cussing too many times
  • swearfilter.togglecuss - gives you access to the /togglecuss command

Ban Integration

  • SwearFilter will use the normal ban system (default)
  • For now, SwearFilter can only integrate with QuickTools.

Check out this plugin in action!


  • Server-IP: minecraft.thetaco.us


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