Commands and Permissions

What it doesCommandPermission
Bypass all permissionssurvivalgames.*
Bypass all basic permissionssurvivalgames.basic.*
Bypass all admin permissionssurvivalgames.admin.*
Debug the plugin/sg debugsurvivalgames.admin.debug
Reloads the plugin/sg reloadsurvivalgames.admin.reload
Gets the config value/sg config get [configfile] (shortcut)survivalgames.admin.config
Sets a config/sg config set [configfile] [shortcut] [newvalue]survivalgames.admin.config
Person with permission can join full server# can be 1-10survivalgames.kickjoin.#
Start the games/sg startsurvivalgames.admin.start
Start an arena/sg start [#]survivalgames.admin.start
Start the games immediately/sg startnowsurvivalgames.admin.start
Start an arena immediately/sg startnow [#]survivalgames.admin.start
Force deathmatch/sg deathmatchsurvivalgames.admin.deathmatch
Stop the games/sg stopsurvivalgames.admin.stop
List available worlds/sg worldssurvivalgames.admin.tpworld
Teleport to a world/sg world [worldname]survivalgames.admin.tpworld
Makes an arena available/sg enable [worldname]survivalgames.admin.enable
Makes an arena unavailable/sg disable [worldname]survivalgames.admin.disable
Creates an arena/sg addarena [worldname]survivalgames.admin.addarena
Removes an arena/sg removearena [worldname]survivalgames.admin.removearena
Edit an arena/sg edit [worldname]survivalgames.admin.edit
Save the arena you are editting/sg savesurvivalgames.admin.edit
Lists the spawns (while editing)/sg spawnssurvivalgames.admin.tpspawn
Teleports to spawn (while editing)/sg tpspawn [spawnnumber]survivalgames.admin.tpspawn
Sets a spawn to where your standing (while editing)/sg setspawn nextsurvivalgames.admin.setspawn
Sets a spawn to where your standing (while editing)/sg setspawn [spawnnumber]survivalgames.admin.setspawn
Removes a spawn (while editing)/sg removespawn [spawnnumber]survivalgames.admin.setspawn
Sets the spectator spawn (while editing)/sg setspecspawnsurvivalgames.admin.setspawn
Lists the deathmatch spawns (while editing)/sg dmspawns [worldname]survivalgames.admin.tpspawn
Teleports to deathmatch spawn (while editing)/sg tpdmspawn [spawnnumber]survivalgames.admin.tpspawn
Sets a deathmatch spawn to where your standing (while editing)/sg setdmspawn nextsurvivalgames.admin.setspawn
Sets a deathmatch spawn to where your standing (while editing)/sg setdmspawn [spawnnumber]survivalgames.admin.setspawn
Removes a deathmatch spawn (while editing)/sg removedmspawn [spawnnumber]survivalgames.admin.setspawn
Sets the deathmatch spectator spawn (while editing)/sg setdmspecspawnsurvivalgames.admin.setspawn
Sets the deathmatch center (while editing)/sg setdmcentersurvivalgames.admin.setspawn
Sets the lobby spawn (while editing)/sg setlobbyspawnsurvivalgames.admin.setspawn
Refill chests/sg refillchestssurvivalgames.admin.refill
Adds yourself to the game as admin/sg join [playername]survivalgames.admin.add
Removes yourself from the game as admin/sg leave [playername]survivalgames.admin.remove
Add spectator to the games/sg add [playername]survivalgames.admin.add
Remove tribute from the games/sg remove [playername]survivalgames.admin.remove
See how much time is left/sg timeleft [#]survivalgames.basic.timeleft
See your stats/sg statssurvivalgames.basic.stats
See a players stats/sg stats [playername]survivalgames.basic.stats
Vote for an arena (Counts as 1 vote)/sg vote [#]
Vote for an arena (permission # can be 2-10)/sg vote [#]
See tributes and spectators/sg listsurvivalgames.basic.list