Survival Games X v1.0.6-Beta2


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    Dec 29, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.1


1.0.6 Beta 2

  • Updated for CB 1.7.2.R0.2.
  • Seemed to fix world corruption bug. (Always backup your worlds)
  • Added some API to control the game. (SGAPI)
  • Squashed several bugs.
  • Added setting to change the time after the game ends before everyone is teleported.

1.0.6 Alpha 2

  • Several bug fixes, as usual.
  • Added economy support.
  • Added a restart game state.
  • Updated setting bounty to only spectators.
  • Updated the help for the advanced commands.
  • Added variable "%nextarena%" for MOTD, which is used to find the most voted map in lobby.
  • Added 1 second delay to automatic respawning due to items being sent to spawn without the delay.

1.0.6 Alpha 1

  • Exp level in lobby for countdown.
  • Damaging during grace period finally fixed.
  • Fixed a performance issue when unzipping a world.
  • When a player dies they do not get sent to the respawn screen.

1.0.6 Beta 1

  • Map credits when game starts. Found in Arenas.cfg
  • Restart optimization.
  • World time can now be set when the game starts.
  • Weather can now be set to stormy. (Only rain and overcast. No Thunder since cannons are thunder.)
  • Spectating now uses Adventure mode instead of creative.


  • Previous world reset code has returned and now works on all platforms.
  • You do not need to edit the start script anymore.
  • The "could not load Arena.cfg" error has been fixed.
  • Added the option to disable the scoreboard.
  • All blocks can be used as chests, including ender chests.
  • New feature that kicks individual users from the server if they've played a max amount of games. This makes room for other players. Configurable. Also works with Bungee.
  • Your hunger does not decrease in the lobby.
  • You can no longer get hurt during grace time.
  • More useful messages to help you set up your server.
  • First stable release!

1.0.4 Beta 8

  • Fixed op flint and steel when crafted.
  • Flint and steel durability can be set in the rewards files.
  • Blood is actually red now instead of white. (If players health is below half you will see the blood effect)
  • Fixed invisible glitch. (Not tested with full lobby)
  • Examples for Arenas and Rewards are now generated on first run.
  • The plugin will now work without VanishNoPacket. (Spectators will be visible)

1.0.4 Beta 7

  • Updated for 1.6.4
  • Removed the existing world reset code.
  • Example startup scripts are now generated upon first run.(You need these in order to reset maps)
  • Auto restart after one game is forced now. (Due to reset code being removed.)
  • Couple secret features added. (hehe)


  • Fixed stats using MySQL.
  • Fixed time played not being correct.
  • Moved min and max rewards to rewards.cfg on each container.
  • Other fixes.


  • Fixed vote bug.
  • Zips work properly for world reset. (It was extracting inside of world folder instead of replace)
  • Stats have been added. (Use MySQL ASAP if you have. Currently no way to transfer stats from flat file)
  • Multiple level kickjoin permission added. 'survivalgames.kickjoin.1' (can be 1 to 10)
  • Lots of bug fixes as usual.


  • Added a while bunch of commands for editing worlds.
  • Added command to add arena.
  • Added commands to edit config in-game. /sg config set [filePath] [shortcut] [newValue] - Example command to edit the gold rewards for chests in arena01. - /sg config set arena01/Rewards 5x2
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Added custom blocks rewards. (Any block can be a chest)
  • Complete world reset using a zip file.
  • Some more language messages added.
  • /sg leave (player) - Removes optionally (player) from the games. If used in lobby admins will not join next game.
  • /sg join (player) - Adds a player to the game. If used in lobby admin will join the next game.
  • survivalgames.admin.login - Users with this permission will not join the game unless they type /sg join.
  • Bug fixes as usual.


  • Added Dynamic MOTDs for server list.
  • Removed the GM rank. (useless)
  • Added crate support. (33:6)
  • Improved arena editing.
  • Added block place/break whitelist.
  • More config for arenas.
  • Auto restart script. (Only available from mediafire link)
  • Can disable custom chat to allow other plugin chat.
  • Scoreboards are working for lobby and in-game.
  • Op's and users with 'survivalgames.admin.login' will not count as a tribute until they '/sg join' the game.
  • Separate spawns can be set for deathmatch. (Need to set in config for now.)
  • TNT explodes when placed.
  • '/sg setspawn next' allows for easy spawn setup.
  • Fixed errors.


  • Initial full release.


  • Initial beta release.