Player Commands:
  • /sg vote - Vote to start the game
  • /sg leave - Leave the game
  • /sg join - Teleports you to the lobby spawn point
  • /sg join <id> - Joins the game <id>
  • /list - Shows a list of players dead and alive players (only ingame)
  • /sg spectate <id> - spectate a game
  • /sg lq or /sg leavequeue - Leave the queue your in.
Admin Commands:
  • /sg createarena - Creates a new arena in your region selected with world edit
  • /sg setlobbyspawn - Set the spawn point for dead tributes
  • /sg addwall <arena> - Sets the signs you have selected with worldedit as a lobbywall.
  • /sg disable <gameid> - Disable a game and force reset it (forces the arena rollback to run, useful if a crash or server shutdown occurs while a game is running. Also allows you to make changes the the arena.
  • /sg disable - Disabled every arena at once
  • /sg enable <gameid> - renable a disabled game
  • /sg enable - enable all games
  • /sg start - Force Start the game your in
  • /sg start <arenaid> <Time> - Force a game to start <arenaid> is the arena # and the <time> is how long the countdown is
  • /sg setspawn next - Set the next spawn point for the arena you are located in
  • /sg setspawn <spawnid> - set a specific spawn for the arena you are in (
  • /sg delarena <id> - Deletes an arena
  • /sg resetspawns <id> - resets all spawns for an arena
  • /sg reload <games | settings | all> - reloads part or all of the plugin.

Note: /sg can be interchanged with /survivalgames, /hg and /hungergames



Player Permissions:
  • sg.arena.join.# - Allows the user to join a certain arena
  • sg.arena.join.* - Allows the user to join all arenas
  • - Allows the user to vote to start (/sg vote)
  • sg.arena.spectate - Allows a user to spectate a game
  • sg.lobby.join - Allows the use of /sg join to join the lobby
Staff Permissions:
  • sg.arena.forcestart - Allows the user to Start Sg (/sg start)
  • sg.arena.disable - Allows the user to disable an arena
  • sg.arena.enable - Allows the user to enable an arena
  • sg.arena.nocmdblock - Allows user to bypass ingame cmd block
Admin Permissions:
  • sg.arena.create - Allows the user to create an arena
  • sg.arena.setspawn - Allows user to set spawns
  • sg.arena.resetspawns - Allows the user to reset all spawnpoints
  • sg.arena.delete - Allows a user to delete an arena
  • sg.lobby.set - Allows the user to set the lobby spawn and wall

For people who want to be able to break and place all blocks, here is a config file made by j3ss3tj3:

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