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  • Hey, When I type any command, it says: Could not connect to the database. Plugin disabled What can i do?

Read the post. if you still don't know then you can't read.

  • Will we be able to choose what the players can and cannot destroy?

Yes, its already in the config, you can choose what blocks you would like players to be able to place/break :)

  • Were can i get MySQL?

If you are using a VPS, a Dedicated Server, or something from a Server Host, please contact the apropriate server provider. If you are using a locally hosted server please use WAMP (Windows only) or XAMMP (Windows, Mac and Linux).

  • What are the commands/permissions?


No. It is similar though.

  • [Insert Non-Working feature here] NO WORK. ME WANT FEATURE TO WORK. FIX FEATURE NAO.

Please make a support ticket or a comment.

  • This plugin currently doesn't work with the current bukkit build, help me!!

It may take up to a week for us to catch up with bukkit, hold onto your horses!!

  • I'm a developer and would like to create more randomized traps or hook into this plugin somehow.

I may create an API soon. Not sure how it would work or what to include...

  • You guys are da best. Lemme buy you a beer.

Yay, thanks!! Click the donate button on the top-right corner to donate! Although we can't buy beer yet, lol, we'll use the money for our test server or for our, clothing, right....

  • I've noticed that you guys have not been active for a while, Y U NO BE ACTIVE?

1. We will always be active until the point when we're satisfied with our work. 2. When that happens, we have lives and 3. Other plugins to maintain and 4. Server's to moderate.

  • When the 10 second grace period ends I can't hit people and its non PVP? Make sure you don't have any other plugin disallowing pvp, because our grace period ends find.

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