Change log

Change Log



! = Bug fix

^ = Change

+ = Added feature

- = Removed Feature

B 0.5.0

  • ^ Supports per arena or multiple lobby walls instead of one large wall.
  • ^ /sg help changed
  • ^ Per Arena permissions
  • ^ Lobby wall recoded
  • ^ Rollback recoded
  • + Now logs to a file (For Arena Rollback)
  • + added messages.yml and you can now change most if every message sent out by the plugin
  • + Economy Support
  • + Events API

B 0.4.11

  • +1.4.6 support
  • !Fixed problem where players leaving the arena would sometimes bug and cause errors messages
  • !Fixed problem where if the last player left the arena it would get stuck
  • !Fixed problem where setting the lobby wall set to false in system.yml would cause the plugin to bug out

B 0.4.10

  • !Fixed, Ghost players bug. (When a player logs out while in an arena, a NPC is created at the lobby spawn point)
  • !Fixed, Internal Server error on join (Players that join and are inside an arena bounds are sometimes disconnected with Internal Server Error)
  • !Fixed, Signs sometimes getting stuck and not updating again until restart.
  • !Fixed, Signs getting stuck until reset when the lobbywall chunk is unloaded.
  • !Fixed, Deleted areans still being loaded instead of the correct arena.
  • !Fixed, Games not ending correctly if the last person leaves.
  • !Fixed, using commands in console causes server to crash.
  • +Added, /sg list <id>
  • +Added, Specs can tp between ingame players. Use shift + right or shift + left to teleport between ingame players.

B 0.4.9

  • !Fixes bug where queued players could transfer items between worlds.
  • !Fixes a bug where deleted arenas would come back on restart
  • +1.3 support
  • +Adds config version checking.
  • +Arenas are only soft deleted so they can be added back without being completely redone. There will be a command for re-importing them in a later update.


  • No changes

B 0.4.8


  • !Contains a possible fix for the problems people have been seeing where the game dosent end.


  • No changes

B 0.4.7

  • !Fixes critical bug where arenas would not work correctly until restarted. This fixes the names getting stuck on signs and crash on /reload
  • !Fixes critical bug with delete arenas
  • ^Deleting arenas no longer disables all arenas
  • +You can now use /sg setspawn <number> to set a specific spawnpoint
  • +Adds command /sg lq to leave a queue
  • +Adds a a permission sg.lobby.join to /sg join
  • +You can now join a game with /sg join <id>


  • No changes

B 0.4.6


  • +Adds options to not use sql.
  • !Fixes All specting bugs. Spectators now work 100% and wont break anything.
  • ^Makes players not ingame no longer able to break any blocks in an arena unless the arena is disabled


  • !Fixes slight problems with webstats

B 0.4.4

  • !Fixes FINISHING bug
  • !Fixes more spec problems
  • !Fixes Arena reset stuck at 0% or 100%
  • !Fixes some invs not getting reset
  • +Adds a option to set the countdown time /sg start <arena> <seconds>


  • !Fixes typo in gamehistory

B 0.4.0


  • + Webstats
  • + Killstreaks
  • + Game Queuing
  • + Database connections are more aggressive and attempt to reconnect if connection is lost.
  • + SQL Prefix
  • !Fixed Rollback getting stuck at 0 or 100%
  • !Fixed Other rollback problems
  • !Fixed chest sometimes throwing NPE
  • ^Block logger no longer attempts to log cancelled events


  • !Fixed remaining multinv conflicts
  • ^cleaner death messages


  • !Fixed winner not getting inv reset if using multiinv

B 0.3.6

  • !Fixed some major rollback bugs
  • !Fixed INGAME bug
  • !Fixed spectator bugs
  • !Fixed Multiinv conflict
  • -Removed redstone and liquid loggin!

B 0.3.5

  • +Added spectators
  • ^Better logging and rollback. twice as fast and more reliable
  • +Added update notifier.
  • +Added perms node to bypass command block ingame sg.arena.nocmdblock
  • +Added Better information about rollbacks on the lobbywall

B 0.3.4

  • !Rollbacks would only rollback 49 blocks

B 0.3.3

  • !fix voting bug were 1 person would start regardless of the percent set in config
  • !fixed, joining a game, then dieing, when joining another game while the other is still going allows you to free-roam before the game starts
  • !Fixed bug where the game would glitch at start and everyone would be frozen
  • !Fixed Players sometimes getting stuck in random teleportation loop
  • !Fixed player place whitelist not working
  • !Fixed bug where dead players could not place or break blocks
  • !Fixed game starting multiple times
  • !Fixed chest sometimes not filling
  • !Fixed signs sometimes freezing
  • + Added option to have chest restock on the first night
  • +Added configurable chest
  • + Added Autoday
  • + Added countdown to the lobby wall when game is starting
  • + Added cannons
  • + Logging of redstone, pistons, lava, water and leaves decay
  • + Now drops armor contents on death
  • + Better info on /sg and a invalid command. help now shows with /sg help
  • + Added ability to reset spawns and delete arenas
  • + Added Endgame
  • + Automatic disable on reload/shutdown (ie players wont get stuck ingame)
  • + Abbilty to disable all arenas at once
  • + Abbity to start games that you arn't in.
  • + Better death messages
  • +Ability to disable all arenas
  • + Ability to enable all arenas
  • + Arenas reset on shutdown and reload
  • + Arenas kick all players to lobby on reload/restart
  • ^ Lobby wall now shows activeplayers/inactiveplayers/spawns instead of activeplayers/spawns
  • ^ /sg start is now /sg vote and /sg forcestart is now /sg start
  • - Arena border checking

B 0.2.32

Bug fix and minor additions release

Bug Fixes
  • Item Dupe bug
  • Leaving actualy removes the player
  • Handles a player leaving with 2 people making last person win
  • Fixes people actualy dieing
  • If people die from fire, they now stop buring
  • /sg start now has a perms node (
  • leaving while the game is waiting now removes the player properly
  • no longer says "1 players remaining" when a person wins
  • Player damage time limit (ie no damage for first x seconds)

B 0.2.31

Bug fix release

Bug Fixes
  • If a player leaves while in-game and there are 2 people left, the game will actually end
  • If a player quits while in-game, they will get teleported back to the spawn point instead of being left to free-roam

B 0.2.30

Bug fix release

Bug Fixes
  • Diamonds Less common (twice as rare)
  • Added ability to break vines, melonblocks, flowers, tallgrass, torches to default config
  • Added ability to place torches, melons to default config
  • /sg shows all the commands
  • /sg without a command or with an incorrect command no longer errors
  • /hg and /hungergames works now
  • Arrows can now spawn in chests :>

B 0.2.29

  • First Release