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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Warning: This plugin is able to delete the world that has been set in the config. It's recommended to install this plugin on a clean server without any important world files, as the main world will be deleted every time the server restarts with this plugin installed, in order to generate a new random world to play on.

Needs Java 7 or higher to work.

Passed 35.000 downloads! Thank you all so much!

For a long time people have been playing survival games, and many people are still enjoying the gamemode to this day. Many of those players would love to make a survival games server themselves. Many survival games plugins have been released and used, but I'm hoping to provide you with an easy to use, super customizable and fun version of survival games.

So, we have made for you: BukkitGames!


Every game is completely random and different!


Installing is easy! Drag and drop the files in the zip file into you plugin folder and you're ready to go!


  • [/bg] Main command.
  • [/bg iron <playerName>] Set a player's rank to Iron member.
  • [/bg gold <playerName>] Set a player's rank to Gold member.
  • [/bg diamond <playerName>] Set a player's rank to Diamond member.
  • [/bg emerld <playerName>] Set a player's rank to Emerald member.
  • [/bg forcestart] Force start the round.
  • [/bg addpoints <playerName> <points>] Give a player points.
  • [/bg givekit <playerName> <kitName>] Give a player a kit.
  • [/bg takekit <playerName> <kitName>] Remove a kit from a player's kits.
  • [/bg vote] Vote start start the round.


  • kitName:
  • logoItem: itemNumber
  • kitLore: 'Text goes here.'
  • price: The price in points.
  • items:
  • 'itemNumber': amountOfItem
  • potions:
  • potionNameInIdOrNormalName(Example: FIRE_RESISTANCE):
  • amplifier: The level of the potion effect.
  • duration: How long it should last. (In seconds.)
  • effect: The special effect for this kit. (API tutorial: Click here)
  • (Check the example configuration file for more insight!)

Config explanation:

  • pluginDisplayName = The name that displays in front of all messages.
  • worldName = Which world is going to be used for the game, has to match the default world.
  • maxPlayers = The amount of players that can join the game.
  • enableKits = If the game should have kits.
  • deleteWorldOnServerBoot = If the world should be deleted and regenerated on server boot.
  • saveWorldOnServerShutDown = If the world should be saved when the game has ended.
  • votesNeededToAutostart = How many votes are needed to auto-start the game.
  • deadPlayersCanChat = If dead player can chat or not.
  • canBuild = If players can build during the game.
  • randomWorldTime = If when the round starts the world time should be random or not.
  • roundStartWaitTime = How long it will take for the round to start after a sufficient amount of players joining.
  • graceperiod = How long players are invulnerable at the start of the round.
  • dropCrates = If there should spawn Crates.
  • playerSpreadRadius = The max distance a player can get teleported from the spawn when the round starts.
  • createItemSpawnChance = The % chance that there spawns an item in a Crate slot.
  • spawnCrateSpawnRadius = The max distance a spawn Crate can spawn away from the spawn. (Spawn Spawn Spawn)
  • spawnCrateAmount = The amount of spawn Crates.
  • minimalCrates = The minimal amount of Crates.
  • maximalCrates = The maximal amount of Crates.
  • arenaSize = The size of the arena, a player will get damage when it tries to escape. (For now)
  • minimalArenaSize = The smallest radius the arena can get after shrinking.
  • shrinkSpeedInSeconds = The time it takes to shrink the arena 1 block. (0 = No shrinking)
  • enableScoreboard = If the scoreboard system should be enabled.
  • winner = Don't touch this, it's to save the last winner for the next round.

To-do List:

  • MySQL support.

How to restart the server after the game ended:

Use this in your start cmd to make the server auto-restart when the server shuts down:

  • :start
  • java -Xmx1G -jar (craftbukkit/spigot jar name).jar
  • goto start

Official GitHub page: https://github.com/Markcreator/BukkitGames/

Please consider buying me a pizza!

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We would like to thank the people in THIS list for donating to BukkitGames!

Plugin developed by Markcreator with much love <3


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