Supply N Demand

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Supply N Demand rewards players for adding items to chests, and charges them for removal. This plugin adds the flavor of capitalism to your market to keep things fresh and delicious. Those who add items to designated "Supply" chests are rewarded in the form of money. To remove items from such a chest requires money. Thus, those who add more can take more; those who work harder and share, get rewarded.

Sharing is a caring, and it can be fun. A community built on shared resources can be extremely helpful to all the members of it. But that methodology only works when people donate at least as much as they take. Else supplies diminish and depression may result. Enter Supply N Demand!

If an item is more common in a Supply chest, its price goes down. Conversely, less of an item means more of a demand and therefore the price raises. This process helps balance out prices. As dirt will be common and abundant, it will be cheap; diamonds being rare and few in stock will cost a pretty penny.


  • Bring capitalism to your server
  • Create "Supply" chests where items are bought and sold
  • Prices vary by supply in chests; the more dirt is in there, the less its worth
  • Scalablness of cost can be set in pricelist.yml or in game. (Higher scale number is more stable price)
  • Prices are initially set up randomly. Edit them to your liking in the pricelist.yml or in-game.
  • Supports all major economies (by use of Vault)


  • Vault
  • Some major Vault supported economy plugin


  • All players can access chests,
  • Only OP can designate Supply chests and change prices

Installation Instructions

  1. Download file (Link to your right)
  2. Stick file in your "Plugins" folder
  3. Do the same with Vault, if you don't already have it, and an economy plugin.
  4. Start server


  • /supply : while looking at a chest toggles it to be a "supply" chest or not
  • /supply price [item] : checks the price of item
  • /supply price [item] [price] : sets the price of item
  • /supply scale [item] : checks scale of item
  • /supply scale [item] [scale] : sets scale of item
  • /supply stock [item] : checks amount of item in supply chests
  • /supply cost [item] : checks cost of item (evaluated with current stock)


No permissions needed. Only "Op" can toggle chests and set prices. All else if available to all.

Known Bugs

  • None known

Upcoming Features

  • Damaged items price reflects damage amount
  • Enchanted items worth more (multiplier?)
  • Permissions (if people care. Otherwise I will just leave it for Op)
  • Open for other suggestions, let me know in the comments


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