SuperSpawn [CB 1.0.1-R1]

SuperSpawn_BIG This plugin prevents new players from spawning on roof tops or far off your original spawn location and fixes the glitch with sneaking into a door, relogging and spawning on the block above. It works with a .txt file, where it saves the joining players. When a player joins the server, it checks, weather he is already in the file or not. If not, the plugin teleports him to the SuperSpawn, which is also saved in a .txt file, and adds him to the list. If he is already in the file, nothing will happen ant the player will spawn at the location he had before disconnecting. A nice little feature is, that my plugin saves the exact looking direction. If you set the SuperSpawn looking in a certain angle to the roof, the player wo spawns at the SuperSpawn will look there, too! You can also add a warm up for the spawning comment if you like.


Newest version: v1.9


  • Setting a SuperSpawn for your Server
  • Teleporting to Spawn on command
  • Stop new players spawning on roof tops
  • Stop new players spawning far off
  • saves looking direction
  • Fixed glitch with relogging in door ans spawning on block above!
  • configurable warm up (turned off on default)
  • configurable spawning block in battle
  • Language in english/german
  • add already joined players to the list, so that they don't need to spawn at SuperSpawn at first join after plugin installation
  • Multiworld support
  • Permissions support (defaulting to OP, if no plugin is detected)

Configuration Explanation

Only edit config, if the server is stopped. Otherwise changes won't be saved!

Spawn warmup in seconds: 0

  • If you change this, the player will be forced to wait for the amount of seconds you set here, before he is spawned.

No spawn in battle: false

  • If you set this to "true", the player will not be able to spawn, if a player/monster attacked him recently. This is an alternative for the warmup.

Spawn message: spawned.

  • This message will be displayed, when a player teleports to the spawn by using /superspawn.

Language(english/german): english

  • Set this to "german", to display every ingame message relatet to this plugin in german.

Firstspawn message: Welcome to our Server!

  • This message will be displayed, if a player joins your server for the first time.

Name of main map: World one

  • Change "World one" to the exact name of your main map.Otherwise the "Copy already joined players" function won't work.

Copy already joined players: false

  • Set this to "true", and all already joined players will be added to the players.txt, so that they won't spawn at SuperSpawn if they log in the first time after the plugin is installed. After starting the server the players are written into the list and this node will be set back to "false".


  • /setsuperspawn [/setss] - sets the SuperSpawn location [Permissions node: "SuperSpawn.set"]
  • /superspawn [/ss, /sspawn, /spawn] - teleports to SuperSpawn [Permissions node: "SuperSpawn.goto"]
Additional Permissions:
  • SuperSpawn.allow.spawnInBattle || allows this player to bypass the battlespawn stop.
  • SuperSpawn.allow.noWarmupSpawn || allows this player to bypass the spawn warmup.

Latest Updates

  • Added bypass permission for warmup and battlespawnstop.
  • Fixed Copy already joined players error

To do List:

  • suggestions please :)


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