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No Part of the code is to be used for a similar or rival plugins hosted on bukkit dev. Doing this goes against my terms and conditions

Presenting SUPER SKY BROS. Brawl, a new plugin designed to allow the common server owner the ability to create the similar game play experience from the SCB servers, but with your own features and ideas. Almost every aspect of this plugin will be customizable by you, the server administrator.

What is Super Sky Bros Brawl?

Super Sky Bros. is played in an arena of 4 to 8 people. The players all choose unique classes in the lobby to arm themselves against the other players. The classes are all themed after different mobs in Minecraft. Once the match starts, the players are teleported into an arena, where they must fight it out to be the winner of the match! Every player has five lives, and once you run out of lives, you're out of the game. The last man standing wins, and with the title of winner comes the gloating.



  • Unique, Original Classes, All classes will be upgradeable using a "Leveling" System.
  • An expensive list of Achievements which you can ONLY earn by playing
    • We later plan on having completely customizable classes created by you, the server administrator
  • Double-Jumps and Triple-Jumps for Players, You can configure the jumps per arena
  • Unique Settings for Each Arena, Min.Max Players, Length of game, VIP only plus many more.
  • MultiVerse Support (multiple arenas in multiple worlds)
  • Fully Automatic (hands-free!)
  • Use signs to join an arena
  • Use signs to choose a class
  • All messages are customization (Full Multi Language if you do them all)
  • Every command and action has it's own permission
  • Lobby Manager fully automated and self protected
  • No need for WorldGuard or many other plugins, this plugin hopes to manage 90% of it for you.
  • Blacklist worlds you don't want running in.
  • Config to auto join Lobby on Join
  • Localization
  • Plus lots more.
  • Join Signs
  • Class Signs
  • A few of the Classes
  • 3/4 of game functionality
  • Custom Chat Channels
  • Plus other useful features to make life easier.

As this is currently experimental full details will follow shortly as we map out the exact game play and features

Status Update - Relicum July 24, 2014 - Proofreaded by Abalabahaha

Hi just like to let you know I am back online after some personal issues and also, we had a storm that left our house without power for 5 days. This is one of the downsides of living in the country miles from anywhere, they always leave you last to fix things. As requested I will put together a section on the website that I will detail current progress in different areas of the plugin. A big issue with making a single plugin that works on both dedicated SSB servers and in mixed servers where you run it with other plugins is that the amount of features it includes (leveling system, boss bar, unique weapons) require so much CPU that mixed servers with other big plugins (Factions, multiworld/multiverse, Towny, etc.) will just get bogged down. An example would be:
    You have factions on a server. When a player:
  • chats, SSB will check if the chat needs to be processed by SSB
  • places a block, SSB will check if that needs to be cancelled if it's in a SSB world
  • dies, SSB needs to decide if SSB should broadcast that to SSB players
  • Much more
Together, these checks add up to possibly hundreds of thousands of checks per second. As you can see, EVEN IF it doesn't have to do anything it has to check if it should do something, taking up CPU As you know, when I (Relicum) started this, I wasn't going to include a mixed mode, just a dedicated mode only plugin, but changed my mind. I am NOT going to abandon mixed mode, but will instead seperate the plugin into modules. Basically, every feature that is not a core feature will have its own module, maybe even its own companion plugin. There can be two seperate modules, one for Dedicated and one for Mixed. It will allow you to decide what features you want and what features you don't. Currently you can disable many things, but a lot of the code isn't suited to be truly modular and unnecessary code will still run. This won't require me to recode this from scratch so the near 40k lines of code I have written already will still be used, just refractored into seperate modules. I will detail the list of work we need to get done, in order of priority, to get a release out ASAP. First, we will get a basic, playable version of the game, stripped down to the bare minimum. It's not going to be a pile of shit, but will work. I will add modules and features as we go. Stats are not the most important feature to me, so they won't be in the first release. The first release will have setting lobbies, arenas, signs, inventory saving (mixed mode), classes, game scoreboard, and gameplay. I am mindful in that once the release comes out, unless it's 100% unavoidable, you will not have to reset the entire plugin, just some minor setting changes. Please comment if we missed anything that you feel should be in the first version (the more you give, the more time it takes). Remember, it only has to be playable, more features will be added later. I do apologize for the months of delays, but I really was hoping to have everything in a single plugin. It turns out Minecraft itself is just not powerful enough, due to single threading, to run everything I wanted, but mixed mode servers just won't cope with it. Some devs may ignore it and release it, but that's just not my way. Even though this means more work, I am prepared to do it as I know how many people want mixed mode SSB. We are working on progress bars. Thanks in advance
Relicum PS I am dyslexic so if some of the above doesn't make sense your know why :)
For more detail on what path we are taking, click here
"View the project source" /> You can view and download the source code on
Development build will return as soon as the next approved version is out at some point I want everybody using the same version till then.
Known bugs:
  • Users without Java 7 will have errors
  • Please note this plugin is not finished yet
  • This means signs, classes, and gameplay won't work yet.


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