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? after a command displays its usage and info
Warp types are: hub - shop - lobby - market - games
Staff Roles are owner - headadmin - admin - mod - vip - donator
Scoreboard alias is sb

Basic Commands

No default permission

Show a player basic information/sh help
View server Staff/sh staff

Basic Player Commands

Default permission is shub.user

View available warps/sh list
Send a player a private message/sh msg <player>
Talk in roleplay<O>/sh me or /me

Warp Commands

Permission are
shub.<warp>.main.use - shub.<warp>.<name>.use - shub.<warp>.set - shub.<warp>.delete

Set:Del Main Warps/sh set:del <warptype>
Set:Del Named Warps/sh set:del <warptype> <warpname>
Use a Main Warp/<warptype>
Use a Named Warp/<warptype> <warpname>

Admin Commands-shub.admin

Main Player Information/sh help:?nana
Main Information/superhubnana
View All Staff/sh staffnana
Set Staff/sh staff add <player> <role>shub.staffna
Server Information/superinfoshub.adminna

World Commands

View All World Info/sh info <W>shub.infona
Display All Worlds/sh list worldsshub.listworldsna
Go to A World/sh world <world>shub.worldna
Send A Player to a World/sh world <world> <player>shub.worldna
Send Everyone to a World/sh world <world> allshub.worldna
Set A World Spawn/sh world setspawnshub.worldna
Delete A World/sh world <world> deleteshub.worldna
View Ambient Info/sh
Force Daytime Always/sh dayshub.timena
Force Night Always/sh nightshub.timena
Restore Time/sh normaltimeshub.timena
Make it Rain/sh rainshub.weatherna
Make it Thunder/sh thundershub.weatherna
Clear Weather/sh clearshub.weatherna
APOCALYPSE/sh apocalypseshub.weatherna
Lock Weather/sh weatherlockshub.weatherna
Remove Entities/sh clean <W>shub.cleanna

Join/Respawn/Void Enter Commands

SET Worlds Respawn Location(needs to be toggled)/sh respawn setshub.respawnna
Players Respawn to SET Location/sh respawn customshub.respawnna
Players Respawn to Main Hub/sh respawn hubshub.respawnna
Players Respawn to World Spawn/sh respawn worldshub.respawnna
Respawns not controlled by SuperHub/sh respawn normalshub.respawnna
SET Join Location(needs to be toggled)/sh void setshub.joinna
Joining Tps to SET Location/sh join customshub.joinna
Joining Tps to to Main Hub/sh join hubshub.joinna
Joining Tps to to World Spawn/sh join worldshub.joinna
Joining not controlled by SuperHub/sh join normalshub.joinna
SET Void Enter Tp Location(needs to be toggled)/sh void setshub.voidna
Void Enters Tp to SET Location/sh void customshub.voidna
Void Enters Tp to Main Hub/sh void hubshub.voidna
Void Enters Tp to World Spawn/sh void worldshub.voidna
Void Enters InstaKill Non OP/GM Players/sh void killshub.voidna
Void Enters not controlled by SuperHub/sh void normalshub.voidna

Game Toggles

Toggle Explosions/sh explosionshub.explosion <W>na
Prevent Melting/sh meltshub.melt <W>na
Prevent Freezing/sh freezeshub.freeze <W>na
Prevent Fire Block Consumption/sh fire burn <W>shub.firena
Prevent Fire Spread/sh fire spread <W>shub.firena
Prevent Fire Ignite/sh fire ignite <W>shub.firena
Stop Movement/sh movement <WP>shub.movementshub.movementb
DoubleJump Toggle/sh doublejump <W>shub.doublejumpna
DoubleJump Force/sh doublejump <force>shub.doublejumpna
JumpPad Toggle/sh jumppad <W>shub.jumppadna
JumpPad Force/sh jumppad <force>shub.jumppadna
SpeedBoost Toggle/sh speedboost <W>shub.speedboostshub.speedboostb
SpeedBoost Amount/sh speedboost <amount>shub.speedboostna
JumpBoost Toggle/sh jumpboost <W>shub.jumpboostna
JumpBoost Force/sh jumpboost <force>shub.jumpboostna
Build Restrict/sh build <W>shub.buildshub.buildb
Break Restrict/sh break <W>shub.breakshub.breakb
Bucket Restrict/sh bucket <W>shub.bucketshub.bucketb
Interact Restrict/sh interact <W>shub.interactshub.interactb
Pvp Restrict/sh pvp <W>shub.pvpshub.pvpb
Moveinv Restrict/sh moveinv <W>shub.moveinvshub.moveinvb
Drop Restrict/sh drop <W>shub.dropshub.dropb
Pickup Restrict/sh pickup <W>shub.pickupshub.pickupb
Hunger Bypass/sh hunger <W>shub.hungershub.hungerb
Damage Bypass/sh damage <WP>shub.damageshub.damageb
Command Restrict/sh commands <W>shub.commandsshub.commandsb
Mob Spawns/sh mobs <W>shub.entityna
Animal Spawns/sh animals <W>shub.entityna
Toggle Death Messages/sh death messageshub.deathna
Toggle Clearing Drops on death/sh death dropsshub.deathna

Inventories can be cleared in realtime, on world entering, or on warp using

Clear Inventory/sh clearinv <warptype>shub.clearinvshub.clearinvb
Clear Inventory/sh clearinv <warptype> <warpname>shub.clearinvshub.clearinvb
Clear Inventory/sh clearinv <WP>shub.clearinvshub.clearinvb
Clear All Inventory/sh clearinv allshub.clearinvshub.clearinvb
Clear Inventory/sh clearinv selfshub.clearinvna

ScoreBoard Commands

Toggle your ScoreBoard/sh sbnana
Toggle All World ScoreBoards/sh sb allshub.scoreboardna
Swap ScoreBoard Titles/sh sb titleshub.scoreboardna
Set ScoreBoard Title/sh sb title <title>shub.scoreboardna
Swap ScoreBoard Animation/sh sb animationshub.scoreboardna
Reload ScoreBoards/sh sb reloadshub.scoreboardna

HubItems/Fun Commands

Toggle Fun Menu/sh funmenushub.itemsna
Toggle BowPopper/sh bowpoppershub.itemsna
Change BowPopper Cooldown/sh bowpopper cooldown <time>shub.itemsna
Change BowPopper Force/sh bowpopper force <force>shub.itemsna
Toggle PlayerHider/sh playerhidershub.itemsna
Change PlayerHider Cooldown/sh playerhider cooldown <time>shub.itemsna
Toggle Brawler/sh brawlershub.itemsna
Cycle Brawler Death Event/sh brawler deathshub.itemsna
Set Brawler Death Spawn(needs to be toggled)/sh brawler setshub.itemsna
Toggle Kicker/sh kickershub.itemsna
Change Kicker Cooldown/sh kicker cooldown <tie>shub.itemsna
Change Kicker Protection/sh kicker protection <time>shub.itemsna
Toggle Menu/sh menushub.itemsna
Change Menu Cooldown/sh menu cooldown <amount>shub.itemsna
Toggle Stacker/sh stackershub.itemsna
Change Stacker Cooldown/sh stacker cooldown <amount>shub.itemsna
Toggle InfoBook/sh infobookshub.itemsna
Give All Enabled Custom Items/sh items giveshub.itemsna
Take All Custom Items/sh items takeshub.itemsna
Reload Custom Items/sh items reloadshub.itemsna
Wear a Hat/hatshub.hatna
Set a Nickname/nicknameshub.nicknamena
Private Message/msgshub.msgshub.msgb
Spawn Lightning/sh lightningshub.lightningna

Admin Commands

Monitor Server/monitorshub.adminna
Set Walk/Fly Speed/sh speed flywalk <amount>shub.adminna
Mute Chat/sh muteshub.muteshub.muteb
Block SuperHub Teleporting/sh teleportshub.teleportshub/teleportb
Set Teleporting Delay/sh teleport delay <time>shub.teleportshub/teleportdelayb
ClearChat/sh clearchat <P>shub.clearchatshub.clearchatb
ClearChat/sh clearchat selfshub.clearchatna
LockServer/sh lockshub.lockOP
Set All Gamemodes/sh gamemode <gamemode>shub.gamemodeshub.gamemodeb
Lock Gamemodes/sh gamemode lockshub.gamemodeshub.gamemodeb
Reload Config/sh reload configshub.reloadna
Reload SuperHub/sh reload superhubshub.reloadna
Kick Everyone/superkick <P>shub.superkickshub.superkickb
Hub Everyone/huball <hub optional>shub.huballshub.huballb
Hub a Player/hubone <hub optional>shub.hubonena
Tp a Player to a world/sh tp <player> <world>shub.adminna
Tp Everyone to a world/sh tp all <world> allshub.adminna
Tp a Player to a position/sh tp <player> <world> <x y z>shub.adminna
Tp Everyone to a position/sh tp all <world> <x y z>shub.adminna
Stop the server/sh stopshub.adminna

Alert and Message Commands

Broadcast/sh broacast <Message>shub.broadcastna
Send Default Alert/sh alertshub.alertna
Send Some Alert/sh alert <alertname>shub.alertna
Set Some Alert/sh alert <alertname> <Message>shub.alertna
Toggle Join Message/sh alert joinmsgshub.alertna
Set Join Message/sh alert joinmsg <Message>shub.alertna
Toggle Main Debugger/sh debugshub.debugna
Toggle Entity Debugger/sh debug entityshub.debugna