Player Commands:
  • /spleef leave - Leave the game
  • /ss join <arena#> - Join an arena
Admin Commands:
  • /spleef createarena - Creates a new arena in your region selected with world edit
  • /spleef addfloor <Arena#> - Sets a spleef floor in your worldedit selection
  • /spleef setspawn <Arena#> - Set the spawn point for players that join a game
  • /spleef setlose <Arena#> - Set lose teleportation point
  • /spleef setwin <Arena#> - Set win teleportation point
  • /spleef disable <Arena#> - Disable an arena
  • /spleef disable - Disabled every arena at once
  • /spleef enable <Arena#> - renable a disabled game
  • /spleef enable - enable all games

Note: /spleef can be interchanged with /ss


Player Permissions:
  • spleef.join.<arena#> - Allows the user to click a sign to Join a game
  • spleef.start - Allows the user to start a game
Staff Permissions:

spleef.staff - Includes all Permissions below +Player Permissions << Coming Soon!

  • spleef.arena.disable - Allows the user to disable an arena
  • spleef.arena.enable - Allows the user to enable an arena
  • spleef.arena.nocmdblock - Allows user to bypass ingame cmd block
Admin Permissions:
  • spleef.arena.create - Allows the user to create an arena