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Bukkit Compatibility: 1.2.4

What is it?

Sun Steel is a Golden Item Enhancement Plugin.
I created this for my own server out of a desire to increase the value and usability of golden items on our pvp server. This was a private plugin that I am releasing as is to the community for your use. You are welcome to make comments and/or leave suggestions and requests but unless I see a personal value in these things to my own community I make no promises that I will add them. Feel free to create a fork of it you want or submit a feature requests, pull requests or any other requests.

Video Tutorial

Special thanks to: Recolance for making this video tutorial.

Current Enhancements

  • Fire Resistance - Nullification of fire ticks and fire damage.
  • Lava Resistance - Individual Lava Resistance amounts on Helm, Chest, and Legs.
  • Fire Riposte - Riposte enemy attacks by setting them ablaze!
  • Water Breathing - Fear the depths no more as water is evaporated in fluid air for your protection.
  • Water Walker - Tread lightly as you cross rivers, lakes and oceans.
  • Lava Walker - Removal of the dangers involved in lava mining as you can now hover over lava pools.
  • Searing Blade - Weapon attacks set your opponents on fire.
  • Inferno Axe - Axes cut through logs charring them into coal as well as optionally setting enemies ablaze.
  • Molten Pick - A superheated pick smelts stone, cobblestone, iron ore, and gold ore directly to their final products.
  • Solar Spade - Dig up some sandy glass, and bricks of clay!
  • Anti-Cheat Play-Nice - This plugin will run along anti-cheat plugins and still provide it's functionality.


This plugin does come with a very simple config which can be viewed on our Configuration page. Armor ID's allow you to choose which armor type you want the effects attached to, you don't have to use gold. Held Item Id's allow you to change which tool/weapon set the effects attach to. Duration settings for both flame attacks and flame ripostes. Separate Chance for success adjustments for both chance to hit for attacks, and chance of success for tools.


Ya we have Permissions :) for any permission manager that supports Bukkit | Super Permissions such as PEX.

Bugs | Issues | Feature Requests

If you have located a bug or are having an issue please Submit a Ticket. Make sure you follow the outlined template as closely as possible as this will help me to eliminate bugs much quicker.

If you would like to make a feature request you also should Submit a Ticket, and set the type to Enhancement. Please be as detailed and precise as possible when requesting a feature and make sure what your requesting is within the scope of this plugin. Also remember at all times, I wrote this plugin for my own community and released it to the public simply to hopefully let others enjoy it, if I don't find a feature of interest I may not implement it, the same holds true if I feel it is far to difficult as I juggle a very heavy plate between being a Full Time: Husband, Father of 3, Masters Student at Texas Tech, Solo Server Admin/ Web Admin/Web Dev of Acyrid. Please do not be offended if I cant add it. I may take your idea and put it to use at a later time.

Thank You's

I just want to extend a HUGE amount of THANK YOU's to the following people for their help as I worked on this project:

  • dumptruckman - part of the multiverse team, this gentleman spent several days helping me problem solve different facets of the plugin. He also has continued to provide support and advice through out the lifecycle of this plugin from beginning to it's current state.
  • H31IX - a frequent idler in the #BukkitDev channel, got me started with my first plugin.
  • w4rgo for inspirational feature ideas.
  • fernferret - part of the multiverse team, this gentlemen helped me get mvn working correctly and fully explaining pom.xml to me.
  • Drakia - creater of the famous Stargates plugin, the gentleman helped me find a bold faced "S" error that was killing my config read ins :P.
  • cole2 - another #BukkiDev vet, helping me shoot down NPE's and other miscellaneous irritants.
  • Afforess - part of the Spout project, this gentleman helped me get my sendBlockChange under control.
  • celticminstrel - well known through out the bukkit community, celticminstrel helped me to understand HashSets and HashMaps better for reverting sendBlockChanges. Thanks to the entire #multiverse channel for letting me bug the hell out of you guys :D


A Special thank you section to those that have shown their appreciation with the all mighty $$ (If you would prefer I do not list you here just pm me)

  1. jinkos32 my first donor! :) Thanks man.


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