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Because the sun just wasn't hot enough

Tested Against RB 1240!

Have you ever wanted a different playing experience? What would you do if you couldn't be outside during the day? Well, this allows you to live that reality! Any player with the required permissions node will be set on fire when they are in direct sunlight! Want to see more features? Well, there are more to come!

Current Version: v2.21 Download


  • Players get set on fire in direct sunlight
  • If a player is burned by sunlight, they will be extinguished my moving into a shady area
  • All mobs are burned by direct sunlight and extinguished in shade
  • Can convert any area into a "burned wasteland" (Back up your worlds if you are using this option!)
  • Now Configurable, and Multi-World!
  • Configurable protective armor that will allow you to walk in the sun!
  • Configurable armor damaging while in the sun while wearing the protective armor set! Configurable damage interval as well (Experimental recommended to turn this option off as of v1.1)(Fixed in v2.0.0)

Permissions Nodes:

  • sunburn.admin - Allows access to the SunBurn admin commands (Defaults to Op)

Admin Commands: [Requires permissions node sunburn.admin].

  • /sunburn world [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables [SunBurn] on the current world.
  • /sunburn players [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables burning players.
  • /sunburn mobs [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables burning mobs.
  • /sunburn wasteland [diameter]: Converts the world within [diameter] into a wasteland. Cannot be undone.
  • /sunburn reload: Reloads the config.
  • /sunburn set default: Recreates and reloads a default configuration file. (WARNING: Overwrites current configuration)
  • /sunburn clear worlds: Removes all worlds from the "enabled worlds" section of the config
  • /sunburn update [enable/disable]: Checks for an update or [enables/disables] auto update notifications

Other Commands: [Do not require the permissions node sunburn.admin]

  • /sunburn help: Displays the help dialog
  • /sunburn world: Shows whether or not [SunBurn] is enabled on the current world
  • /sunburn players: Shows whether or not [SunBurn] is enabled on the current world
  • /sunburn mobs: Shows whether or not mob burning is enabled
  • /sunburn info: Shows author and version info.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Click download button
  2. Place .jar file into the /plugins directory
  3. Restart server and enjoy!


  • Make sure the spawn is covered/shaded. Otherwise people won't be very happy.

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Known Bugs

Example Configuration


Change Log

Demonstration Video [v2.0.0]

[Thanks to NeoSilky for the video!]

Special Thanks:

Bergerkiller For assisting me throughout the creation of the wasteland generation feature

muCkk Config is based on how his works in Death and Rebirth. Also thanks to him, in the v2 rewrite the config file saving/loading/etc methods were only possible because I followed his example in the DarDrops.class in his plugin Death and Rebirth.


If you like my plugins, please consider using the donate button near the top of the page. I'm a college student and most plugin devs, including me, do all of this for free, and we all would really appreciate anything that you can offer.


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