Suicide Bombers

Suicide Bomber

Have you ever wanted to explode on death, and seek revenge on those who killed you with a deadly explosion? If the answer is yes, then i have just the plugin for you! Just like creepers, all players will be subject to an explosive death. This project is going to be in constant experimentation to add new features and get rid of some, please provide comments suggesting some new features you may want to see added.



Below is a list of features currently with this plugin;

  • V1.0.0
  • - Right click TNT with string in your inventory to set your helmet as tnt. Configurable amounts.
  • - Once killed you will explode.
  • - Right click a redstone torch to detonate.
  • - Chance explosion goes off with a message saying if it did.
  • - No damage to environment. Configurable.
  • - Config
  • - Permissions.

Extension Features

Visit this page.

Upcoming Features, TO-DO

Below is a list of features that will be released with future versions of this plugin.

  • - Commands to make yourself a bomb /Bomber and /explode once you have the TNT. (Added)
  • - A config (Added)
  • - Change explosion value with config. (Value meaning power) (Added)
  • - Change whether harm is done to the environment or not with the config. (Added)
  • - Add feature to disable drops on death, and make it configurable.
  • - Configurable timer until bomb explodes.
  • - % Chance the bomb will go off, configurable. Sends dead players, on re-spawn, a message saying, "Your TNT bomb failed to detonate!" or "Your TNT bomb detonated successfully!" (Slightly changed but added)
  • - Permissions (Added)


SBE V3.0 demonstration


SuicideBombers is currently version: V1.0.0. -See change log for additions to plugin. Next version: V.... Expected release date: ....

How to download

Look for download link at top right corner of the page. Click it and search for latest version. Always look out for updates.


If you are experiencing any problems with the plugin (For example, conflicting plugins, errors, etc) please submit a ticket which will be reviewed and fixed in later releases. Thank you.


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