This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This this plugin has been merged into EnchantMore! If you want the same behavior as the original Sublimation plugin below, disable all other effects except for Pickaxe + Silk Touch, then set minLevel:1, and sublimateIce:true. Since EnchantMore encompasses the the functionality of Sublimation, this plugin will no longer be maintained.

Sublimation - silk touch ice, no longer overpowered

Remember in the Minecraft 1.9 beta prereleases, when the Silk Touch enchantment was first introduced, you could legitimately obtain ice? Minecraft 1.0 removed this ability as it was too overpowered: you could break ice and flood The Nether!

Sublimation gives you the best of both worlds: silk touch works on ice, but if you attempt to place ice in The Nether, it will vaporize immediately with a puff of smoke, just like emptying a bucket of water. Much more realistic, right?


sublimation.bypass (false) - Allows you to place ice in the nether

sublimation.collect (true) - Allows you to acquire ice by mining with silk touch


consume (true)

If true, turns placed ice into air, removing from the player's inventory

If false, cancels event, giving the player their ice back

smoke (true)

Generate smoke particles, representing the sublimated ice

collect (true)

Enables the acquisition of ice as an item in the player's inventory, by mining it with a tool containing the Silk Touch enchantment. The player must also have the sublimation.collect permission.

If your server allows ice to be obtained by other means (creative mode, shops, trading, etc.), and you do not want to enable collection by silk touch, you can disable this option to use Sublimation just for preventing Nether ice placement as a security measure. When disabled, block break events are not registered.

See also

Want to make Silk Touch even more useful? Check out SilkSpawners.

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