The StructureAPI
~ Loading and placing schematics has NEVER been SO EASY ~

The StructureAPI is that provides a convenient way to load and place schematics. Players can pick these schematics (also referred to as plans) from a menu and place them in the world. Scroll down to 'Quick Start' or watch the 'Quick Demo' to know more about how to setup your server with plans. StructureAPI aims to provide servers with a wide range of tools to place structures.

For older versions...

see structureapi 2.1.0 for the old page

Upgrading from 2.0.0 or 2.1.0? READ THIS!!

If you haven't created a backup yet CREATE BACKUPS OF YOUR SETTLERCRAFT-CORE DIRECTORY!!!. This update will upgrade the database and THERE IS NOW WAY BACK, NO DOWNGRADE POSSIBLE. Unless ofcourse you made backups ^^

Current Features

  • Generate plans from schematics
  • Loading plans into a fancy menu
  • Select plans from a menu
  • Buy plans from a menu (requires Vault)
  • Build a structure or continue construction of a existing one
  • Demolish a structure
  • Rollback structures (since 2.2.0)
  • Stop construction or demolition of a structure
  • Structures don't overlap each other
  • Substructures, structures may be placed inside other structures (configurable to enable/disable)

Quick Demo (2.0.0)

Quick Start

  1. Download schematics from any website (for example
  2. Place the downloaded schematics within "plugins/SettlerCraft-StructureAPI/generate"
  3. Start the server or execute the command "stt generate plans" in the server console
  4. Place the schematics together with the generate XML in "plugins/SettlerCraft-StructureAPI/plans"
  5. Restart or reload the server
  6. Plans are now available in the menu, you can open the menu by either using the /stt menu or /stt shop

Note: There is a small requirement for loading the schematics into SettlerCraft. All schematics need to be placed in neutral position which means the schematic needs to be aligned to the east (front pointing to west), unless you don't care about it's orientation. You can do this by simply using the command '/stt rotate [structureid][degrees]' which will rotate a schematic permanently.

Commands (2.2.0)

See github commands for StructureAPI 2.2.x


See github permissions for StructureAPI 2.2.x


See github installation for installing StructureAPI 2.2.x or higher

Required plugins/dependencies

Optional Hooks

Optional Client Plugins (LiteLoader)



Project is under heavy development. Current implementation is very subject to change, extending this project will most likely break your code. A proper API and documentation is planned after this project has moved to Spigot.
Proper documentation is still in progress... Sorry! Also the API is still very subject to change.

Upcoming Features

  • WorldGuard Default flags for structures
  • Manual construction - Feed blocks to structures and make them grow

Found a bug ?

Report it here! and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible!


Ideas? Feel free to post below or PM me if u want!


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