This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



  • Add new powers to your server to create a feeling of excitement!
  • Configurable change of finding the StrangeTools
  • Commands that enable users to give each other the powers, as well as Admin commands to grant and remove StrangeTools
  • Quick and easy setup with no database to bother with!


StrangeTools is a fairly simple plugin that enables players to find a "Strange Power" for a specific item type. To find this strange power, players use the item in the appropriate way (ie: breaking dirt/gravel/sand/grass with a shovel, or shooting mobs with a bow. Breaking stone with a shovel, however, will not work.) and get a specific chance of finding the power every time they use the item.

Strange Items


  • Effects: Player gets insta-breaks on all dirt, gravel, sand, and grass blocks when using any shovel.
  • How to Find: Break dirt/gravel/sand/grass using any shovel.
  • Chance of Finding: 1/500


  • Effects: Player gets insta-breaks on all log blocks when using any axe. Also, hitting a mob with the axe sets them on fire for 5 seconds!
  • How to Find: Break any log blocks using any axe. Note that breaking wooden planks does not give a chance of finding the StrangeAxe.
  • Chance of Finding: 1/300


  • Effects: Whenever the player hits another mob, a lightning bolt is called down, doing increased damage to the target, while not hurting anything else.
  • How to Find: Hit any mobs or players with any sword.
  • Chance of Finding: 1/150


  • Effects: Upon hitting a mob, any arrows shot from a player with this power will catch the mob on fire for about 7 seconds
  • How to Find: Successfully hit any mobs or players with an arrow shot from a bow.
  • Chance of Finding: 1/100


  • Effects: Item drops: stone -> 2 Cobble, coal ore -> 2 coal, iron ore -> 2 iron ingots, gold ore -> 2 gold ingots, diamond ore -> 2 diamond, redstone ore -> +1 redstone wire, lapis ore -> 1 lapis block, glowstone -> 1 glowstone block
  • How to Find: Break any of the following using any pickaxe: stone, coal ore, iron ore, gold ore, diamond ore, redstone ore, lapis ore.
  • Chance of Finding: 1/500

Installation Guide

Commands and Permissions


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Change Log

  • *v0.5
  • Updated for CB 1.0.1-R1

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Known Bugs

Bugs are listed in the appropriate file's "Known Caveats" section:

Todo List

  • Add StrangePickaxe - added in v0.2
  • Add config file with chance of finding variable for each StrangeTool - added in v0.4
  • Commands & Permissions - added in v0.3 + v0.4

I need more suggestions! If you have one, please drop a comment below.


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