Finally, a super simple lag-stopping plugin, especially designed for servers where machines could be left on such as Tekkit or Feed The Beast servers!
New version should still be compatible back as far as Tekkit Classic (1.2.5)

How it works

Simply use /stl or /stopthatlag and remove entities, and then be warned about chunks that exceed a certain amount of items! StopThatLag will even tell you human-readable coordinates that you can go to in order to get to that chunk, not those silly "chunk coordinates" that make absolutely no sense at all. In the configuration file, you can also set it up to automatically clean up floor items! (Hint: Check out the automation: section)

Coming soon: Logging chunks that are causing lag (when cleaned up with automation)


Should work with all the major permissions plugins, assuming that they all properly use bukkit's built-in superperms.

Command(s)Permission NodeUsage
/stlstopthatlag.cleanCleans up lag-causing entities
/stl reloadstopthatlag.reloadReloads config file
stopthatlag.*Gives permission to both of the above


Go check out the Configuration Page as it will always be up to date with the latest release!


StopThatLag will output a display as such:

normal output

and if you have chunks with excessive lag:

laggy output


This plugin uses Metrics ( and you may opt-out if you wish by going into plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and setting opt-out to true. MCStats

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