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What does it do?

  • If a player throws a normal chicken egg in Creative mode, it will not hatch unless the player is an op
  • If a player uses a spawner egg it will not hatch

This plugin: EntityManager (formerly AntiSpawnEgg) has the same features and many more. If you just want a light basic plugin you can go for StopEggs but for stuff like xp bottles, fireballs, furnace use of spawner eggs and more check out imilkywayz' plugin! :)

Why would you want this?

I originally made this for my own server SuCraft to stop the continuous spawning of chickens, and in later versions, all sorts of mobs. Worlds were lagging really hard. So if you want to prevent this too, this is a plugin you can use!


Just drag the StopEggs.jar into your /plugins folder. It's that easy!




None, the permissions to throw a chicken egg is handled via the OP status.

Future possibilities

  • Implement some permissions
  • Make a config
  • Add a distinction between different types of spawner eggs

Dev builds

Suggestions and feedback

Leave it in the comments below!


This plugin uses MCStats to collect information about plugin usage. Of course, this is strictly anonymous, and you can easily opt out via plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml. The NSA isn't watching your server ;) You can of course see for yourself what data is collected on the MCStats site, just the basic stuff: how many servers, how many players, which Bukkit version, etc.


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