This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



Welcome to StonyAPI! This plugin is a nice way for plugin developers to code! The plugin is 100% useless when not any other plugins using it is installed and activated.


This plugin adds a lot of features(Got to be used in another plugin to get used) like get UUID from a player and the opposite. Check a world for entities(filtering some entities isn't possible in the plugin but if decent at java you should know how to filter out from the result). Get all the operators, get online players pretty easily, get worlds and more!

Using it

To use the plugins you need to add this line to the file you are using the functions in:

public StonyAPI api = new StonyAPI();

To use a function in your code, just type this anywhere in it:


Of course booleans is like this:

if(api.<function returning boolean>){
    //Do stuff

To use the code returned from the plugin(This example uses the world named "shooshoodog" to get the difficulty - Please note that there probably is something that is wrong as of this is NOT wrote in eclipse):

World worldToCheck = Bukkit.getWorld("shooshoodog");
Difficulty shooshoodogDiff = StonyAPI.getDifficulty(worldToCheck);

To find a function to use it is just to enter this(To not need to enter StonyAPI just do the line I said to add but here I won't use that):


And after entering this it should pop up a list, but if you closed that list somehow just press Control(CTRL) and space(This method is in eclipse only as of what I know). Another way to get the full list is to visit THIS page. The page doesn't show how to use it, just the list and what it needs. The params doesn't show the names. That you will need to find out in the coding way you use(Mostly just hover over the function to show the description I made for it and then it should show @param or something similar and that is what you need to put in there).

Plugins using it

The plugins using it will get a page here when there are any. Just PM me with your Bukkit Dev page with the plugin and I'll add it if I confirm that it is needed. If you wonder how I do confirm I am going to decompile and check code for the functions of it.


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