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The Stock Plugin is a project to develop a bukkit plugin that can be used to provide the same functionality as a real-life stock. There are also talks about integrating with the economy to create a proper stock market system, as well as integration with WorldGuard and warp signs. This talks about the plugin in the future tense although it is still in a stage of development. This project is under Development.


  • Create you custom stock names and index's. You can add you own stock name like for example "The Miner Shop" and choose also a index for it like "TMS".
  • Create different categories. You can add different categories. So if you want to have 2 separate stocks, you can.
  • Add and Remove stock values. Add and Remove stock values from a stock account
  • See a Rank Table. See a real-time rank table with the top stocks

Upcoming Features

  • Real-Life Stock counter
  • Regions and Warp Signs integration
  • Create taxes

Commands Overview

coming soon…


  • stock.* Gives access to every command
  • stock.view* Gives permissions to all read commands (those that do not modify the database)
  • stock.manage* Gives access to most commands but leaves out those that can be used to cause lag or those that are best left to administrators.

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